Aida is a descentralized automated service that unites all the participants and gives the opportunity of exchanging information in a fast and timely manner.The service contains six main elements:Multilingual marketplace;customer’s member area;production management system;logistics management system;Warehouse management system;promotional tools for affiliate network and purchase funnel.This projecy is global,their task is to provide a universal and quality product that is useful for every participant of the process.The funds enclosed in the project by the founders spent on the alpha version development ,analysis of the market.They have a lot of proposal on how to make the product even more convenient and adaptable.If they attract the necessary funding,the speed and quality of the service will be much better.Their marketing initially implied only SEO promotion;and in the case of crowfunfing, they will be able to facilitate all the chanels of product promotion.

The solution

The main tasks that their service solves:Elimination of intermediares and corruption; generation of new orders; Managing orders and separate segments of the enterprise;Cost optimization; Quality analytics and planning capability; Data relevance; Security for participants; Timely notifications ; They have developed an internal tool for marketing promotion of AIDA.Probably,due to universal solution it can be used not only within the service frames.Both housewives and business people,advanced bloggers or advertising agencies can earn money with tool .Taking into account that they plan to include any category of products to their  service and taking into account that market capacity is huge for this market.

How can AIDA Service be useful?

-Automated platform for selling products;

-A convenient marketplace for placing production;

-The system of ratings and confidence level towards manufactures and suppliers,product cards;

-Optimization of marketing and sales costs;

-High verification level of manufacturers and suppliers during the registration process in the system;

-An effective logistics solution intergration with warehouse and logistics experts;

-Time optimization ,cost optimization for the search of production and suppliers;

-No subscription fee both for costumers and suppliers;

-System for processing of orders,production and supply of necessary materials;

-Elimination of corruption factor in procurement department due to automatization;

– Regularly updated databse of customers:logistics experts and suppliers  ;

–  Full line of construction materials in one system;

-A well-developed loyalty system for participants;

-E-commerce market development ;

-The possibility to work without intermediares wihtin their service;


 AIDA Token

Tha price of the token is fixed in USD,and not in Ethereum .The price binding is carries out by  using the oracle.The price token is 0.25 USD. The distribution of AID tokens like this:

-Bounty 1%

-Partners 3 %

-Team 20 %

-Public ICO 76%

-The main stage of the ICO

Dates:28.02.18 00:00:00 UTC + 6-25.05.18 00:00:00 UTC + 6

Bonuses from 27.02.18- 25.03.18 UTC + 6 – 10 %   ;

Bonuses from 26.03.18- 25.04.18 UTC + 6 – 10 %   ;

Bonuses from 26.04.18- 25.05.18 UTC + 6 – 10 %   ;

Now the owners of the tokens will be ablr to participate in transactions between the Customer and the Performer,acting as the guarantor of the Performer,providing a pledge to the supplier of raw materials,In this case,both one or several token owners can become guarantors within the requires number of tokens to secure the transaction.




For more information about Aida ICO access the link whitepaper and Aida.