Bitcoinus-instant bitcoin payments proccesing


Bitcoinus is a revolutionary crypto payment processing platform.Bitcoinus has formed a team of highly ambitious blockchain professionals to achieve an important goal — to become the leader of online crypto processing industry. Their experienced team have previously worked with a highly successful ICO as well as other online based projects. Bitcoinus online crypto processing will instantly allow everyone to use cryptocurrencies for all types of payments. The growth of their industry is projected to develop exponentially. This is where the money is today and this is where more money will be tomorrow.


Bitcoinus is all about providing two main solutions:

a) Creating a payment gateway for utilizing over 100 cryptocurrencies that will be integrated into the platform in the first year.
b) Developing a powerful online payment processing system. It will enable all online businesses to accept an increasing amount of altcoins as a payment method.
Combining all of it with the merchant rating system will make it better than any of the existing online payment providers. It is not about the fact of only adopting crypto as the main source of financing. It is about the combining FIAT with crypto to create and maintain the powerful bond between the traditional and the most groundbreaking financial technologies.


One major issue of any decentralized currency is essentially a risk of fraud. With Bitcoinus payment processing and online payment solutions they will ensure that only you control your private information about all your assets. Bitcoinus will be designed to step away from the centralization of information and ensure that no single entity
can see, impact or manipulate any financial data of any individual or business. Will private keys of the wallets will only be known to the owner of that particular vallet.Bitcoinus will utilize the best of what blockchain technology can offer to create a rating system in order to prevent or minimize the potential loss of funds. One good thing about the decentralized technologies is that most of the transactions can be easily and publicly seen on most of the blockchain networks. This will instantly create an environment to prevent continuous fraud coming from the same sources.

Bitcoinus token

The Bitcoinus ICO will be based on attracting cryptocurrencies using Ethereum blockchain. BITS token will be developed using ERC20 market standard. There will be 65 million Bitcoinus (BITS) tokens created. Participants willing to support the development of the Bitcoinus Project can do so by sending Ethereum to the designated address. They are purchasing Bitcoinus tokens (BITS) at the rate of 1 BITS per 0.001 ETH which will be sent to their ETH supported wallet.


1. Implemented merchant reputation system to ensure secure transactions.
2. All-season-long sales from most of Bitcoinus retail partners;
3. Maximum liquidity of BITS tokens ensured by trading in all major exchanges;
4. Bitcoinus team tokens locked for 12 months — no market manipulation;
5. Online crypto payments industry growth to boom in exponential progression.

For more information about Bitcoinus access the link whitepaper and Bitcoinus.