CRYPTF-Cryptocurrency Backed By Stocks And Bonds


They are creating an opportunity for every cryptocurrency holder to invest in the stocks of leading companies and bonds of developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins are blockchain based collective investment products/instruments. Coins will be tradeable on a crypto exchanges like any other crypto coin and are available for anyone to purchase. What makes CryptF coins unique is the reliable backing by blue-chip stocks and bonds. Coin price is hard-wired to the current market value of the linked securities. CryptF coin enables you to invest into a segment of a market, represented by a fixed set of derivatives a coin is linked to. The investment portfolio is managed by CryptF making the whole experience completely hassle-free for coin holders.


• Ability to participate in the global financial markets straight from your cryptowallet.
• Coin price is kept reliably tracked to corresponding shares or bonds index.
• Transparent portfolio.
• Low operational costs for investors.
• High liquidity of the coins. CryptF guarantees unconditional coin buyback from investors either directly or on crypto exchange.


They cryptocoins are hard-wired to the prices of the corresponding indexes and stocks, therefore, coin prices will correlate with them. While prices can go down in the short term, general consensus among investors is steady long term growth. The average yield of the American stock market is around 6-7% annually. The compound growth effect can be expected to double your capital in 11-12 years. If you buy CFIT coin you would invest in the most reliable companies in this segment. This includes Apple stock (AAPL) which has been invested into by the biggest players on the market such as Warren Buffet, George Soros and David Einhorn. They count on a stable and predictable growth which is not the case with the highly volatile Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CPTF token

Token CPTF is created on a smart contract based in Ethereum blockchain. Tokens will be emitted only during the ICO period. Every token buyer needs to use an ERC-20 compatible wallet. To buy CPTF tokens the buyer will need to transfer a supported cryptocurrency to the smart contract address. Smart-contract transfers CPTF tokens back to the buyer’s address. Any payments that would happen before or after ICO will be reversed and returned without any CPTF token being emitted.
They token CPTF will participate in the companies’ profit redistribution and can be a future source of passive income. They believe that value of this token will grow over the time with positive correlation to the number of emitted cryptocoins. It is based on Ethereum blockchain which is currently a standard blockchain protocol for the most leading ICOs.CryptF cryptocoins and asset tokens are two terms with the same meaning. These tokens are emitted when assets such as stocks and bonds are bought by CryptF. CryptF then sells these tokens. The company will keep a direct proportion of the available assets and emitted tokens. Tokens are based on smart-contracts in the Ethereum blockchain.

For more information about CryptF ICO access the link whitepaper and CryptF.