DANEEL-bringing data intelligence Iinto crypto jungle


Daneel is your future partner : he will help you daily to process all information related to cryptocurrencies. Daneel will answer your questions, advise you in your investments, and push you notification when an important event happens. With Daneel, they will provide you the most accurate and fastest information on the market.They are the only ones to analyze as much content, newsfeeds, and social networks.They goal is to offer you a reliable and indispensable assistant to assist you in the cryptocurrency jungle.

Blockchain: a revolution in the making

A real, innovative tool which is about to profoundly transform they societies as well as the relationships between individuals, organizations and states, Blockchain represents a chain of “blocks” (digital containers) where information of all sorts is stored: transactions, contracts, title deeds.This set of blocks form a database similar to the pages of a great accounts book, known as a “register”, which is itself hosted by a group of network users.Unlike the centralized system that currently governs they societies, Blockchain primarily allows users to get away from a centralized body or a third party.At the heart of this system, special users called “miners” have the role of ensuring the validity of transactions by providing the entire network with the computing power of their computers. Once the algorithm has completed its validation exercise, all users of Blockchain can simply verify that the exercise is correct.

Their solution

As they are fully aware of the limitations of these previous solutions, they like to suggest an assistant of a new kind: a personal assistant based on Watson, one of the most efficient artificial intelligences in the market, who will be responsible for providing daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency. Through this, you will have ready access to an intelligent counsellor able to:

– Provide personally-tailored indicators;

-Provide daily advice on your investments and on market trends;

-Alert you as soon as one of your investments is in jeopardy;

-Identify and capture the different emotions of the market;

-Keep you informed in real time, with quality information that he gathered and analysed himself;

– Understand and interact with you;

This is the objective they have set for ourselves, and you can help they to develop it.

The DAN token in the Daneel ecosystem

– The Sale is for the sale of virtual “Tokens” (or “Tokens”), “Daneel Tokens” (the “DAN”).

– Tokens will have a virtual currency role in the Daneel ecosystem. They will make it possible to acquire and pay for the subscription required to access the intelligent assistant service.

– The token created and issued by the Company, called the “DAN Token” is a non-regulated digital asset. It will be accepted within the Daneel ecosystem.

– During the sale transaction, the token will be sold at the following price: 1 DAN Token = 0.25 EURO.


For more information about Daneel ICO access the link whitepaper and Daneel.