– a revolutionary data platform, in association with Media Direct, Inc. aims to democratize big data and level the data playing field by providing the most comprehensive marketing data solution to all businesses and individuals. will provide a robust interface between the business or individual and the data sources. The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.
Their main objectives are:

  1. To empower Data Source Providers to provide access to their data and monetize it
  2. To provide full transparency, traceability, and auditability to the data providers
  3. To build confidence between the end user and data sources
  4. To give Businesses and Consumers quality verified data
  5. To give End Users a simplified easy-to-use interface with a quick payment system will comply with applicable privacy rules and regulations including the General Protection Regulation Act. will not offer financial data covered in the Graham Leach Bill.’s objective’s objective is to provide a comprehensive solution that serves as both an upgrade to the demand and supply side of the data industry, and solves two key market flaws: disparate data sources and lack of transactional transparency, both in utilization and payment, to data owners. aims to remove layers of inefficiency, provide an open and transparent audit into data use and payment, as well as maximize profits for both the data owner and data purchaser.

VALUE will revolutionize the data list industry by eliminating unnecessary middlemen and creating a more efficient data sourcing and delivery process. will build a unified User Interface to allow an entity to search varying and diverse sources of data for records that match their search query parameters. The parameters can range from geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural attributes. A single query would be able to span hundreds of sources and billions of records.


The Smart Indexing Engine will utilize predictive analytics (a type of artificial intelligence using data analysis and machine learning) for Confidence Scoring to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data. It can also combine sources to provide all required attributes. The entity would receive a record set which it could download and utilize. The record set can be a single individual that matches all parameters or millions of records that match the parameters.

DATA ASSETS has a competitive advantage due to the massive data assets of Media Direct, Inc. Media Direct, Inc. has spent years gathering, sorting, validating, analyzing and enhancing its data above and beyond industry standards.


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They are in the process of finalizing relationships with other major data providers worldwide. They are also aggressively looking to forge relationships with as many data sources as possible to contribute to the ecosystem.

BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRATION utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts for all transactions and payments. Blockchain is a secure transaction ledger database that is shared across a distributed network of computers. Blockchain uses state-of-theart cryptography to keep transactions secure. The ledger stores immutable records and cannot be hacked. The Blockchain adds trust across transactions. The Ethereum Blockchain empowers to make complex payment contracts to diverse data sources. supports Smart Contracts for transactions, payments and auditing. It allows existing data sources to have full faith in the transactions and payments. Transactional history includes data sources used, records obtained from each source, and payments made to these data sources. Every Transaction can be Audited. The Blockchain protocol keeps these transactions transparent, immutable, and verifiable.

Imagini pentru Ethereum Blockchain utilizes IPFS to store the completed transaction record. This record allows Data Providers to scrutinize their transactions to check data usage and payouts. A cryptographic hash pointer to the full transaction is stored in the public Ethereum Blockchain for full auditability. Data Providers can view a complete breakdown of their transactions using a Management UI provided by


DBCCoin is an ERC-20 Token (with ERC-677 functionality) that is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. utilizes Smart Contracts written in Solidity for transactions, auditing and payments. The DBCCoin tokens will be used for transactions on and be used to remunerate Data Providers. The DBCCoin token will also function as an essential marketing tool for as it will serve as the basis for the Rewards Program as well as incentivizing partners through a Promotion Program. These functionalities will be fully supported in the Smart Contract using Solidity.

Source: youtube/DataBlockChain

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