Datecoin-secured by the growing active audience worldwide

What is Datecoin?

DateCoin is a token designed for a new international dating service, next generation of a successful product Denim. It features reliable growth mechanics based on global expansion strategy to enter new markets and increase the audience.DateCoin is the world’s first token secured with working business model and growing audience of MVP, dating service Denim.They use blockchain to tackle the core problem of dating industry, user identification and verification. No more fake accounts and bots.Their project blends artificial intelligence with neural networks for innovative dating experience.

Problems of the Dating Industry and Datecoin Mission

 In their ever-changing world where the modern person’s life is so dynamic, the key feature of the dating app is to quickly find matching partner and meet all the users expectations. Being focused on the mass market, large dating services try to meet the needs of as many users as possible. As a result, those services attract millions of people with different interests and goals. Despite multiple filters used, the problem of low search relevance results remains unsolved. Therefore, users have to scroll endless profiles and have to waste hours filtering out unsuitable options. Another problem, namely weak cybersecurity, leads to frequent hacker attacks and imposes a risk of personal data and private correspondence leaks.


Advantages of DateCoin over existing dating services

-Fast intelligent matching based on face recognition technology, semantic and morphological analysis of dialogues and personal preferences;

-Secure data storage, privacy and end-to-end encryption in chats.;

-No fake profile images and accounts with automated intellectual verification and blockchain technology;

-No hidden fees. Pay for the services when you use it only they accept cryptocurrencies;

-High efficiency of dating. Their girls are interested in hooking you up.

DateCoin Token

The public sale of DateCoin (DTC) tokens is intended to accelerate project development, as well as to raise funds for product development and promotion globally. In return, they offer a highly liquid utility token, with price rise mechanics implemented. The token is secured with the fast-growing audience worldwide.Token price mechanism incorporation. Token demand will be secured by the fast-growing audience and entering new markets. Token holders will be able to use tokens for in-app purchases and sell it to millions of users worldwide.

Maximum amount of tokens to be issued: 466 153 846 DTC
DTC tokens for sale: 303 000 000 DTC
Token: DTC
Token type: ERC 20
Soft Cap: $ 4 000 000
Hard Cap: $ 20 000 000
Price per 1 token:
(discount will decrease with increase in funds raised) From 0.0001875 ETH to 0.00025 ETH
Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
Know Your Customer (KYC): Not necessary
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum (ETH)

65% of DTC – for CrowdSale;
20% of DTC – remuneration for the project team and
qualified consultants. Automatically blocked on a smart
contract for 1 year;
10% of DTC – for Reserve Fund. Automatically blocked;
on a smart contract for 6 months;
4% of DTC – for token marketing and listing;
1% of DTC – for the bounty campaign.

For more information about Datecoin company access the link of whitepaper and Datecoin.