DENARO-Crypto liquidity at your fingertrip


Lately, you can just about buy anything with cryptocurrency — from real estates to top of the line supercars. However, when it comes to shopping for groceries or buying a latte in your favourite café, it’s back to good ol’ fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency offers an unprecedented level of security and protection when it comes to the storage and transfer of values. Its disintermediation of traditional financial infrastructure and decentralized service delivery has availed millions of people all around the world by providing access to transparent banking services.What if there was a payment solution offering users the privacy and security of cryptocurrencies while retaining the liquidity they’re used to with cash? What if there was a solution that allowed users to spend cryptocurrencies as easily as cash without the need to juggle numerous wallets or employ third-party services to convert it? What if the solution was as simple as swiping a card? Well, that solution is here — with Denaro.

The Denaro Solution

Denaro is a versatile payment solution that enables users to store, spend, and transfer their cryptocurrencies to an intuitive interface. Through securely developed and customizable SCI/APIs for merchant services, Denaro facilitates the payment of goods and services (online or offline) through a web wallet and physical debit card.

For Merchants:
● Securely receive payments in BTC, ETH, or DNO through customizable SCI/APIs without worrying about having to handle multiple wallet addresses.
● Instantaneous conversion of cryptos to BTC, ETH, or DNO and vice versa.
● Accept payments in fiat and instantly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat to hedge against volatility.

For Users:
● Store, spend and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Denaro from a single user interface.
● Shop online and offline using a multi-cryptocurrency debit card.

Denaro Wallet

The Denaro Wallet is central to every interaction in the Denaro ecosystem. It is a secure storage and exchange platform for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, enabling users to deposit, hold, send, and exchange supported cryptos and fiat. Merchants can freely choose and switch between different blockchain assets for payments. Users can convert from BTC, ETH, DNO and vice versa, utilise peer-to-peer transfers and exchanges, and pay for merchant services.

Denaro Token

Denaro aims to offer a constantly-evolving token that will always meet the demands of the users and accommodate the best features of the blockchain. This token will be known as DNO. DNO is a utility token and will drive all settlement on the network, as well as entitling holders to a wide variety of exclusive advantages, including bonuses, discounts, and merchant services on the network.
For Users:

● Increased accessibility to premium services when DNO is used frequently enough for transactions on the network.
● Discounts when paying for merchant services;
● Significantly reduced transaction fees (nearing 0%);
● Bonus tokens for high-volume transactions;
● Discounts on debit card top-ups.

For Merchants:

● Reduced risk of volatility;
● Increased liquidity in comparison to other cryptocurrencies;
● Free payment terminal for high-volume transactions.

For more information about  Denaro company access the link whitepaper and Denaro.