Doctailor-Self customisable smart contracts & agrement on the blokchain

What is Doctalior?

DocTailor is a unique self customizing smart legal contract platform, that allows, lawyers, individuals and organizations to send and create legal tailor-made smart contracts and agreements on the blockchain without developer experience. DocTailor’s mission is to lay the foundations for this new economy by enabling non-crypto businesses to fully utilise blockchain technology, while simultaneously encouraging the acceleration of crypto-business.The DocTailor platform will enable all users, regardless of developer experience, to deploy legal documents with an integrated smart contract feature. The technology’s aim is to create a new ecosystem designed to demonstrate ways in which blockchain advancements can be utilised in the legal industry.

The Problem

Blockchain technology remains a relatively new and undiscovered concept; a fact which is, in part, responsible for the current low adoption rates that have been witnessed. Many businesses and consumers are still not fully onboard with the notion, and blockchain has become something of a controversial topic, despite the many clear benefits that this sort of technology promises to deliver. The public are, however, somewhat more open minded about smart contracts on the blockchain, with this utlisation of the technology estimated to become mainstream practice within 5 years.

The Solution

DocTailor has been introduced as a viable long term solution to issues hindering the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Focusing on a highlighted flaw of existing smart contract applications — user experience — DocTailor enables easy access to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts. The platform will support third party API integration, allowing for any customised smart contracts to be incorporated into third party systems. The notion is simple: to make it easy and straightforward for businesses to create and deploy smart contracts while benefiting from the cryptocurrency economy.

Characteristics & Advantages

DocTailor has been designed to benefit from the following characteristics and advantages:
• Clause Selection: Users can choose from more than 10,000 pre-created legal clauses.
• Merging Clauses: Selected clauses can be merged into existing document structures.
• Document Structuring: New contracts can be built for users quickly and efficiently.
• Formatting: Documents can be downloaded in various formats (eg. Word, HTML, XML, PDF).
• Blockchain: Templates are held on the blockchain, maintaining clarity and transparency.
• Tracking: Users can monitor contract use and recipient participation (eg. authorisation).
• Contract Management: Documents can be stored and managed online as needed.

Docs tokensale

DOCT tokens give users access to create smart tailor-made legal documents on the DocTailor platform. Every token provides users with “DocTime” which can be used to create contracts, agreements for use in over 100 different industries. Token holder can either convert Doctailor pokens rewards to DOCT or ETH. 5% of total revenue derived from the platform is allocated to all DOCT token holders every quarter.Token users are awarded bonuses.

500M (500,000,000) DOCT, of which:

  • 300M to be available in tokensale.
  • 50M are reserved for ICO bonuses.
  • 100M retained by DocTailor.
  • 50M are reserved for early adopters in PRESALE
  • Etherum ERC20
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH (1ETH = 2700 DOCT tokens)

For more information about Doctailor ICO access the link whitepaper and Doctailor.