Effect-descentralized network for artificial intelligence


Their project introduces an open, decentralized network that provides services in the Artificial Intelligence market. This project is called The Effect Network. The 3 phases of The Effect Network require no fees, have a low barrier of entry and provide fast growth to its users:Effect Mechanical Turk is a workforce on demand that allows anyone in the world to request or perform tasks that teach and develop AI  algorithms. Effect Mechanical Turk is a workforce on demand that allows anyone in the world to request or perform tasks that teach and develop AI algorithms. In the last phase they distribute the computational power needed to run deep learning frameworks and other AI algorithms.

 Problem Statement

 Intelligent applications perform tasks that traditionally require human feedback. Such tasks involve processing unstructured data and finding patterns that can provide useful output. These applications are trained on large datasets with annotations. Obtaining an annotated dataset is non-trivial and requires a lot of time and money.An obstacle when developing a complex algorithm is the need to interact with parts of the world outside the current domain. For example: a self-driving car learning to steer will also need to identify road signs around the world. This situation can best be treated as a knowledge system where the classification of the sign is done by an external application. Developing and training a large AI is a computational intensive task, and requires a technical infrastructure capable of processing terabytes of data, doing batched processing on multiple GPUs and coordinating the results. Effect.AI proposes a system to train and run algorithms in a distributed fashion.

The Solution

The Effect Network, like other decentralized applications, directly connects supply and demand without the need for an
intermediary party. To be more specific, The Effect Work will establish the following:
•Accessibility – by directly linking supply and demand through their micro-tasking platform Effect.AI Mechanical Turk they enable users who do not have access to large datasets or a big network to train their AI algorithm.
• Accuracy – the Effect Smart Market enables users and individual applications to find each other to buy or sell information. Through this exchange, users can get their hands on data sets with significantly higher complexities to train their AIs.
• Performance – Users can directly buy existing data sets on the Smart Market or quickly create their own data set by requesting micro-tasks on the Mechanical Turk platform.
• Interoperability – By running AI on the blockchain and creating a standard to which algorithms have to comply, they stimulate interoperability resulting in powerful and emergent intelligence that would be difficult to achieve for single AI algorithms.

Token Sale Details

20%Technology development and Effect M-Turk platform
18%Requesters & Workers Acquisition
13 %Advanced Functionality of Blockchain & Smart contracts
10 %Cyber Security and Software
15 %Marketing
9 %Operations, Overhead Legal, Administration
8 %Partnership & Talent Acquisition

*The 20% of tokens for future funding will be locked by a smart contract for 18 months.

For more information about Effect ICO access the link whitepaper and Effect.