EHO-smart textiles company

EHO Technologies

EHO Technologies is a spin-off from Riga Technical University, in Latvia. It started around scientific elaborations related to smart textiles and data processing and interpretation. Currently EHO develops an innovative proprietary technology to produce pressure sensitive and stretching sensitive textile sensor systems. Combining
textile sensor data with data interpretation algorithms, EHO solutions provide meaningful motion analysis to end-users. EHO develops algorithms for data interpretation, thus providing valuable information for monitoring horse and rider performance.The product is considered unique on a global scale. So far, no equivalent product has been created in the world. Experts from UK, Finland and the United States have shown interest in introducing such a product on the market. Combining the unique characteristics of textile sensors with data processing algorithms and IT technologies, a significant product innovation with worldwide product sales potential is being created.

Problem & Solution

EHO initial product application is dedicated to horse riders. About 45% of horses experience problems with saddle fit. A poor fitted saddle will cause the horse pain and eventually back problems and even lameness. A saddle with good fit on the other hand enhances the performance of the rider and horse. Saddle pad with EHO sensor technology provides following benefits:
• saving on saddle change – choosing the right saddle for the horse;
• reducing horse injury costs – right saddle fit;
• improved riding performance – monitoring rider insaddle position, benchmarking possibilities.

EHO Market

Initial market research shows that there are different user groups interested in product offerings. Horse riding trainers are the primary user group. The riders themselves have been identified as a secondary group.The estimation is that 500k to 1M horse owners could potentially benefit from the EHO system. The total number is more than 10,000 trainers. The market has 900k horses; every year around 2.8b pounds are spent on horse accessories alone (i.e.,> 3k pounds per horse per year).The service is addressable market in the first 2 years: 20 000 clients. Initially the sales focus will be UK. In 2015, more than 2 thousand instructors were trained in England; EHO has completed work on the demo, which is being shown to potential customers. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted with clients to identify customer problems and needs.

EHO Token

EHO token is private money powering sales of EHO products, technologies, data and feature access. All value that EHO is going to generate will be exchanged for tokens.

• 25% to incentivize the ecosystem,
partner engagement token stacks
• 51% sold in the token sale
• 3% maximum bounty amount
• 1% to cover tokensale
• 20% retained by the team, locked
for 3 years
Token type:ERC20
Token price during ICO:$0.01 per EHO token
ICO hard cap:$1,750,000
ICO soft cap:$950,000
Purchase methods accepted:ETH, BTC, ShapeShift widget

Pre-sale start date and time: 17th of April 6:00 am PST
Pre-sale end date and time: 1st of May 6:00 am PST
Token sale start date and time: 1st of May 6:00 am PST
Token sale end date and time: 15th of June 6:00 am PST

For more information about EHO ICO access the link whitepaper and EHO.