Elixir-Full Game Economy & Protected Digital Assets

Executive Summary

THe LIX crowdfunding platform for games was conceived in early 2016 to provide game developers and gamers a secure, convenient, and decentralized platform and economy.  Focused on innovative ideas, the platform will work to help game developers turn their gaming concepts into reality.  As avid gamers ourselves, we understand how AAA studios are beginning to lose their monopoly hold on the industry.  Independent developers with great gaming concepts and breakthrough ideas are generally held back only due to a lack of funding and support.  LIX’s main  will be to democratize the gaming industry by helping independent developers break free from these constraints, thereby ensuring that the gaming industry can reach the diversity and entertainment value expected of the digital future.

Game development

LIX will primarily be a game project crowd-funding platform which will allow game ideas to become a reality fairly and efficiently. LIX will not only provide a faster and more convenient micro-transaction game-currency but will also provide for a full gaming infrastructure and economy to be used by publishers,studios and independent developers alike.  Ultimately, with a fully committed LIX community, no longer will a billion dollar budget be required to produce and distribute a game – simply ideas.

The Gaming market

A quick review of the largest online transactions for game content include a USD 38,000 purchase for a character in DOTA 2 (an online combat game), and a USD 635,000 purchase of a nightclub property in the Entropia Universe.
Currently, these game assets are created in-game and then traded through a complex and very unreliable and ad hoc trading system which operate through forums and private chats.  This stopgap system is prone to fraud and exploitation, but still is able to achieve an extremely brisk trade in currency, special items, and user accounts.  Some games, such as EVE Online, are so multi-faceted and complex that the developers employ full time economists to ensure the game stays in balance.

Exchange vallet

Players will be able to trade in-game weapons, coins, items, collectibles, custom skins, and other modifications and items in a decentralized market and through exchange wallets. The game items themselves will be assets in the block-chain.  They function as standard assets in a block-chain, with a specific value representation in-game as game assets or currency which will be easily traded in the exchange wallet without the need for third party exchange services. LIX aspires to allow players to trade game items beyond the game environment and into reality. This would create an additional revenue stream for every type of content creator participating in the gaming industry.

Funds committed during the ICO will be held in a secure multi-signature wallet
and will only be released from the account with 2 out of 3 signatures:
• Founder
• Co Founder
• Investors
RESERVE TOKENS:15% of the tokens issued are set aside for the team.

For more information about Elix company acces the link whitepaper and Elixir.