EmarketChain- no middleman, no fees


eMarketChain is an e-commerce marketplace where anyone can buy and sell different products without paying unfair commissions that have no added value to the middlemen.MarketChain is created especially for the end e-commerce users. Their platform will have neither middleman fees nor any transactional fees. They will put an end to the unfair commissions which you pay to the online stores’ owners.

Problems of the current ecommerce

The steady increase of ecommerce businesses goes to show that the online shopping experience has been improving throughout the years. ecommerce companies are spending millions of dollars to research and understand how the experience of the customers can be improved –from number of clicks needed before the purchase has been finalized, to the background color and overall UI design of the online store. These type of researchers have proven to be very successful.Whenever a customer pays in an ecommerce website, around 15% of the price that he is paying is actually different types of fees and commissions, gathered by all the different parties involved in the whole transaction process.The benefits for merchants are also evident. They will no longer have to deal with fees associated with each incoming transaction. And by adopting a decentralized payment model the speed of transaction will reatly increase.

The solution

They are going to remove the middleman and all added commissions. The current situation in the e-commerce world is working as follows:
The biggest online stores such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. take commissions from you by up to 15%.

  • 3% are going to credit card companies
  • 12% are going to e-commerce platforms

With eMarketChain.co, they aim to solve the problems described above. The rise of blockchain technology in recent years, gives us an opportunity to completely rethink the current payment model used by online stores. Their goal is to reduce prices for consumers and increase the profit of merchants. This can only be done by effectively eliminating the middlemen and the payment processing entities, and instead adopt decentralized approach for transactions and payments between the parties involved.eMarketChain.co will foc1 on creating a payment environment that is more straightforward, faster and cheaper than what is currently the norm in such platforms. With the rise of blockchain technology and the notion of decentralization, they can create an alternative to the payment methods used nowadays. The benefits of such a solution are going to be felt by both customers and merchants.

Token Allocation

To be able to successfully carry out this project, funding is required.Pre-sale will start on 15th April 2018 and will automatically end when the date becomes 29th April 2018 or Hardcap of 18,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens has been reached (whatever comes first).Total EMAC HARDCAP (Pre-Sale + Main Event) of 32,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens. Main token sale starts on 29th April 2018 and will end when the date becomes 29th May 2018.


  • 80% Public Sell
  • 10% Reserve for Future Development
  • 10% Retained for Team, Advisors, Community, Early Backers


For more information about eMarketChain company access the link whitepaper and Emarketchain.