Envion-World’s Most Profitable Standard of Self-Expanding Crypto Infrastructure


Envion has developed a system of Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) that can tap electricity directly at the source: at hydro, solar, wind and fossil power plants in every corner of the planet. Our MMUs are based on standard intermodal (sea) containers, equipped with mining hardware, communication and industry 4.0 automation features, remote control capabilities and a break-through cooling system that only makes up ~1% of the system‘s total energy consumption. Altogether it’s a high-tech solution that can be seamlessly deployed globally and allows us to use the cleanest and cheapest energy mix wherever it is available.The flexibility of the MMU system helps us to fuse two of the most important sectors of the 21st century: blockchain technology and renewable energies. Using the dynamics of exponential growth for both, we promote climate preservation and the welfare of our token holders. It is the physical incarnation of the blockchain spirit: a robust and decentralized system that can withstand disruptions in government policies, price structures and the energy supply.The solution envion provides has all the necessary competitive advantages, follows a decentralized approach and provides voting rights for an experience that has been under pressure from the concentration of mining power.




We are convinced that the global community deserves a share in the profits of crypto mining – not just a handful of anonymous players from oligopolistic cartels in authoritarian societies. We believe that crypto mining should be a decentralized, democratic, and evenly distributed operation – one that is open to everyone who is willing to support the network and benefit from it.Based on these principles we have created the EVN token. This grants investors the right to receive the full pay-out of our proprietary mining operation. As a consequence,the EVN token can be classified as a security in most jurisdictions. In compliance US security laws, holding a token is strictly limited to three categories of investors:
• Investors who
• do not hold a US passport;
• are not in possession of a US Greencard;
• have no residence in the United States.
• accredited investors under the US Securities Act, Regulation D, Rule 506, i.e.
investors with a networth of more than $1m, excluding their primary residence,
or with a net income of more than $200.000 (if married a combined income of
• investors whose residency lies in Germany are limited to investments above


EVN Tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol, which determines that up to 150 million
tokens will be issued with a nominal price of $1. The final allocation is set up as follows:
• 83% investors
• 10% founders
• 5% envion company, e.g. for the remuneration of a dvisors, etc.
• 2% bounty program

Any tokens not allocated to investors, founders or the company shall not be created. In other words the maximum token number can never exceed 150 million, whereas investors participate with 83% or a maximum of 124,500,000 tokens, founders participate with 10% or a maximum of 15,000,000 tokens and the envion company holds 7% or a maximum of 10,500,000 tokens (e.g. for the remuneration of advisors).

For more information about Envion access the link whitepaper și Envion.