Eternal Trusts – a hybrid intelligence platform

Eternal Trusts is a hybrid intelligence platform that manages and spends crypto-assets in line with preset long-term objectives. Eternal Trusts combines hybrid intelligence technology with smart contracts to make the traditional trust funds and fiduciaries a thing of the past. ET represents a decentralized and autonomous financial means capable of making a long-lasting impact according to your own futuristic scenario. The blockchain-based crypto wallets linked to the Purpose Execution Flow of the Eternal Trusts platform can operate for centuries, turning to expert-backed hybrid intelligence to seek the best providers capable of performing the grand purposes set by the settlors, be it supporting multiple generations of their offspring financially, contributing to a global charitable cause, or even extending their lives by preserving their biomaterial for the long-term.

Competitive environment & The Blue Ocean Strategy

The overall market of trusts dramatically exceeds 20 trillion dollars of asset under management, even though the exact figure can be hard to determine, since in some jurisdictions the regulation does not require the trust company to disclose how much money it holds under management. There are more than 3 mln trusts and more than 50,000 companies operating and administering those trusts. The five largest institutions regarding fiduciary trust assets are State Street Corporation, The Bank of New York Mellon Financial Corporation, Northern Trust Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank and JPMorgan Chase and Company.

By providing the full packaged solution for clients with the creation of an algorithm similar to that of the trustee decision-making process, they solve all of the following issues at once:
1. They allow clients to plan a variety of scenarios to be executed, ranked by their priority, and they strive to increase the chances of their successful outcome.
2. Assets are managed by licensed and regulated structures so that with every year there are more funds to be spent on fulfilling crypto-trust purposes.
3. They advise clients as to what should be done to increase the chances of successful purpose execution.
4. In some cases, they allow the smart contract to be cancellable by the client.
5. They motivate external experts to vote for the optimal solution for clients, taking into account their specific cases and circumstances.


They believe that financial planning is crucial for every person, no matter whether they belong to the world of high finance, or the crypto community. They also believe in the extended long term growth of the crypto markets and the further tokenization of assets, which is particularly expected to become most prominent in the financial industry. Hence, before dividing their potential clients into groups in terms of their consumer behavior, they attempt to evaluate the market by the top-down approach, analyzing the data that can be found in open sources to evaluate the headcount of beneficiaries of value created by the platform.

Eternal Trusts platform offers dramatically friendlier pricing as well as more convenient client service and thus may reasonably expect a larger available market. They use the same Global Rich List functionality to evaluate the number of individuals that are worth 100,000 USD (not yearly income) and might spend 10% of their wealth to switch into the crypto world. Such a request returned an estimate of 367 million people globally.

How is Eternal Trusts different from a traditional trust fund?

Eternal Trusts use smart contracts and hybrid intelligence to automate and decentralize the execution of purposes, thereby de-risking the pipeline and making it more affordable. It serves as a collective enforcer and protector of the smart contract Trust that controls every aspect of the purpose execution. By maintaining a pool of experts, the platform can fulfill a much wider range of purposes that require deeper expertise. Moreover, the platform accepts purposes that are not executable at the current moment.


Source: youtube/Eternal Trusts

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