Fiancia-a revolutionary copy tranding platform&crypto news tv channel


A Revolutionary Global Platform for Copy Trading Where Traders & Investors can trade crypto currencies online in a simple transparent and more enjoyable way by using social network investment strategies of copy trading.Fiancia introduced a fully controlled, reliable and user-friendly copy trading system that can cover at the maximum their business needs and level of expectations .The growing impact of crypto trade across the corners of the world is enormous and such aspect has brought attention of Fiancia in a very effective and profound manner.

Goals & Core Values

Their goal is to create a distinctive identity of their brand using best management practices in order to maximize the value for their  stakeholders.Following are core values of his TV channel.
– Excellence : promotingand encouraging excellence with the help of rigor, creativity, pragmatism, and innovation.

– Accepting Responsibility: Fulfilling their obligation to stakeholders, society and all people

-Sustainability: This company value refers to its efforts to sustain high quality of service

-Integrity:To stay honest in all interaction and ensure the highest level of ethical standards in reporting and broadcasting.

– Diversity: Embracing changes and acting to use change in a positive manner.

– Recognition : Recognize and acknowledge the efforts all other entities wherever and whenever necessary.

– Responsiveness:They strive to be receptive and respond quickly and efficiently according to the situation.

– Accountability: Accepting the consequences of actions and activities for the betterment of all stakeholders.

– Accuracy: Providing accurate information without altering it

– Authenticity: Providing authentic information after verifying it from reliable sources so that people can trust their services.


The main service of this TV channel will be updates and news about different cryptographic coins. This channel will give non-stop updates and news through hourly news bulletin, breaking news, and news tickers. They will also provide the service of air time to their clients who would want to promote their own products and service through their channel. They will offer a forum for discussion of various topics. The discussion on the forum will be broadcasted and it would be free service to their viewers and they would be able to acquire very valuable information from these discussions.

ICO Details

Publically Fiancia Ltd aims to offer FIN coins at specified date of 1st March 2018 13:00 GMT. In this regard company has targeted accepting only up to the extent of 3000 Ether at initial stage by issuing 6 Million Tokens. Fiancia is targeting the funds of total 30,000 Ether for the project. Fiancia as per its commitment and agreement will not accept contributions as and when threshold of 30,000 Ether Hard cap has been hit. Company has targeted distribution of FIN tokens in terms of percentage like 10% for Pre-ICO phase, 75% related to main sale, 11% for founders, advisors and team members present therein and in particular 4% for bounty programs to be covered under such process in a comprehensive manner. Company has targeted 6 million FIN token supplies in relation to Pre-ICO.In view of ICO company will also target introduction of its services and business prospects at renowned forums offering opportunities to multiple crypto currency entities and in this regard various prominent names like Bittrex, Hit BTC, and Binance etc. having financial volume of $463 million, $524 million and $162 million respectively will be considered.

For more information about Fiancia company access the link whitepaper and Fiancia.