Fluz Fluz-premiere seats membership in global consumer network

Executive summary

The Consumer Problem :Consumers everywhere want to stretch their money, especially when it comes to essential household purchases like telecommunications, food, gasoline,travel, pharmacy, apparel and so on.Currently, there is no adequate way to bundle the purchasing power of a consumer’s extended social network to get hard cash rewards.

Benefits for Market Participants

Consumers, our so-called “Fluzzers”,can earn thousands of dollars every month from their network’s combined purchases. Moreover they can transfer Fluz (cash back rewards or points) to anyone in their network in an easy-touse mobile environment.Fluzzers can instantly begin earning hard cash without changing their shopping or work habits by digitally purchasing and redeeming Fluz Fluz gift cards from a variety of everyday retailers.

Role of Blockchain in Fluz Fluz Eco-system

The Fluz Fluz business model is ideally positioned to benefit from blockchain technology. Currently, the model is up and running in an off-chain environment, but intends to switch gradually to the blockchain technology in order to sustain the scale-up to a global consumer cash-back network based on digital gift cards.

FLUZ Token sale and premier network seats membership

Fluz Fluz intends to quickly deploy the consumer network model in the United States, develop a token based gift and rewards network that connects merchants with customers.Given the absolute network structure of Fluz Fluz, it is highly attractive for individuals and companies all over the world to acquire the tokens necessary  for a premier seat in the global consumer network

Token Economy

We will be issuing FLUZ Tokens that have the function of activating premier seats on the Fluz Fluz global network. Qualifying Token holders will be able to activate premier network seats membership in the newly formed global consumer network ahead of the effective operational launch.

Token Reserve and Token Supply

A total of 204.780.000 FLUZ tokens are now issued in the phase before the operational US launch. Any non-sold tokens will not exist after the tokensale

Token Crowdsale:
Start Date: 18th of January 2018
Total FLUZ tokens available:
Token Crowd Sale Price: USD 0.10
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

Premier Seat Membership Cash Back Projection

There are 2 kinds of premier seats:
Tier 1 and Tier 2.

With 10.000 accumulated tokens a Tier 2 premier seat may be activated by the Token holder. The Tier 2 premier seat is one of only 12.288 premier seats right after the 4.095 Tier 1 premier seats in the global consumer network.

Premier Seat Membership:
Tier 1 and Tier 2
Although it will depend on individual network consumption and growth levels, in Colombia for instance we are already observing in less than one year of operations early network users receiving hundreds of dollars every month in cash back passive income.

Token Relation to Premier Seats Membership Activation

Membership Activation The sum of all Tokens of this issuance equals the sum required for all offered premier seats. There by all qualifying tokenholders are guaranteed their seat, should they choose to activate it ahead of the operational launch in the US.

For more information about Fluz companies access the link whitepaper and FluzFluz.