FTEC – an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks

FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets. The idea behind FTEC is very clear and simple: to create a holistic ecosystem that will contain all the necessary tools for users with any level of experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies. They already have currently running projects based on algorithms for automatic trading on cryptomarkets, they gave us a great and valuable experience and therefore they moved on to fulfill more ambitious goals.

Market Entry Strategy

First of all, it should be noted that they already have a working product that has already entered the market and is profitable. So their strategy of entering the market is based on the main items of the Roadmap for the coming year. In particular, it is a release of beta versions of the main ecosystem modules. The task of creating a truly working ecosystem in the shortest time possible is the cornerstone of the development strategy for the coming year. In addition, it is very important to take into account the constant change in trends and tendencies in the field of cryptocurrency. For example, almost every month new promising projects, coins and approaches to the use of blockchain technology appear. Their team clearly understands that being successful in this market means tracking these changes and offering new unique solutions. The long-term basis for the project’s development is the creation of a broad and active community. To achieve these goals, they have a wellorganized department devoted for communicating with their community in social networks.


The key problem they faced in developing their first trading algorithms was order book limitation on exchanges. So if automatic module finds a situation when the user can get a profit on the market, it also needs to define a queue of people for whom purchase and sale will be made. As price is not a constant value and the price of further purchases increases after the purchase of the first user (because buying demand has risen), the next user will buy at a bigger price. So a potential profit of the last user is significantly lower. The same situation is during the sale process. Sale for the first user will be at the highest price and profit and for the last user – at the lowest price and profit. They can use ecosystem’s tokens to solve this problem. Let’s consider what advantages their own token can provide.


Firstly, amount of issued tokens is constant. Thus, the possibility of additional token emission is liquidated. It means that every token holder can be sure that he can manage a part of tokens he bought. And secondly, they will have an opportunity to form a certain queue of users because of uneven distribution of tokens between holders. In this case, any user can influence the position he has in the queue by changing the number of tokens he has. The user will be able to track his position in the rating by using the relevant tool in user’s account. The place in queue will be determined by the number of tokens on user’s balance within the system. Tokens, which are held on exchanges, will not be considered during the queue forming. Taking into account all above-mentioned factors, using their own token can solve fundamental problem and allows to form fair queue which can be influenced by users.


Since order book of any cryptocurrency exchange consists of orders with different prices, automatic trading modules face a dilemma of priority of buying/selling order execution. Our own token can solve fundamental problem we faced and also gives token holders certain advantages. Due to a constant number of tokens, users will be able to influence their position in the queue by selling or buying tokens. The system will have a mechanism for calculating certain queue of users owing to the uneven distribution of tokens between holders. The place in this queue will determine potential profit of token holder because his orders will be executed earlier and at a more favorable price.


Source: youtube/FTEC Foundation

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