Futourist-a platform were users get paid for creating reviews


Futourist is the first review platform that rewards their users through building a fair blockchain-based economy.where all – reviewers, businesses and casual consumers – get the most benefit for participating. It’s a place where future tourists will make decisions about where they are spending their precious time. Futourist is based on reviews because they are one of the most helpful and trustworthy information found on the internet. On top of that, reviews and star ratings are directly related with business revenue. This makes reviews a perfect example where information should be monetized by the creator, not only the business. Futourist is based on fair distribution of rewards underlined by the blockchain technology. The entire internal economy within Futourist will be based on Futourist token (FTR). This will make Futourist a transparent, trustworthy platform, where the economy and rewards are distributed among all the content creators in a fair way.


Revenue of content industry was worth more than $190 billion in the year 2016 and is expected to be worth more than $313 billion by the year 2019! From early researchers it is estimated that almost $31 billion a year of UK consumer spending is potentially influenced by online reviews.They created a plan-of-attack on the online review industry to be executed once they successfully develop the first version of Futourist.The OpenHours platform has 1 million monthly organic users. These will slowly be transformed to active users and contributors, while functionalities which current users still benefit from will be kept. The platform will organically be upgraded with well-placed instructions, features and notifications which will display all of the benefits that Futourist proposes.The OpenHours platform has 1 million monthly organic users.


There are multiple types of users participating in Futourist’s micro-economy. These roles already exist in their starting-point platform OpenHours, where users interact with the platform and other users.In Futourist, a reviewer is a registered user that provides content. Whether a short one-liner or an essay of a review,reviewers will get token rewards for content they create, proportionally to the quality and hype around their review.The curator is a registered user that reads the content and uses upvotes/downvotes to evaluate his/her chosen reviews. A user can act both as a reviewer and a curator at the same time. The user must register on Futourist in order to receive the rewards. Consumers represent users that do not contribute to the platform but consume information from it.


Inside Futourist every exchange of value is going to happen through a transaction of a newly issued Futourist Token (FTR), an ERC20 :

• 5% of tokens will be reserved for OpenHours platform. Already existing platform that will give them a huge advantage when kickstarting the project was developed by the OpenHours company, but furthermore, with 1 mio monthly users, their platform will be ready to launch a lot faster.
• 25% of tokens will be available for the ICO crowdsale.
• 7% tokens will be available for future partners.

For more information about Futourist company access the link whitepaper and Futourist.