GELIOS-First absolutely customizable lending platform. Global coverage

Executive summary

Gelios is a platform for peer-to-peer lending via cryptocurrency on the blockchain.The Gelios platform allows people from all over the world to raise capital, and aims to increase prosperity and reduce poverty worldwide. The basic function of the platform is to provide a matching mechanism, facilitating creditors’ and borrowers’ coming together. What’s more, the mechanism helps the two parties to find consensus on the period of the loan, the interest rate, and the identification and validation procedure, making the process of borrowing fast, easy, and available online to anyone, anywhere.The basic function of the token in the Gelios ecosystem is to provide value with no dependency on the country of residence of any participant of the platform. Location, language and race are non-issues on the Gelios platform. Smart-contracts are considered by many in the financial sector to be an excellent tool for the facilitation, by way of the blockchain, of money-transfers. Their implementation is the result of the agreement between two parties to make a micro-transaction on the blockchain.

The Brainysoft company

Brainysoft is a company specializing in SaaS and stand-alone solutions for the financial sector, including microfinance companies, banks, p2p platforms, and pawnshops . Since 2014 the company has been located at one of the most cutting-edge technological ecosystems in the Russian Federation — and Europe’s biggest technopark – Skolkovo Innovation Center . The main team, which is sometimes referred to as the “backbone” of the Brainysoft Company (formerly eStable web), has been developing automated accounting systems in the field of microfinance since May 2002. Its first projects were carried out in Central Asia under the terms of reference of the CAMFA — Central Asia MicroFinance Alliance. The first industrial version of the product was called eStabl WEB, and was successfully implemented in Kazakhstan. Starting in 2008, eStabl Web has also been implemented in Russian companies.

P2P lending in cryptocurrency

BTCjam9 is a company based in San Francisco, California, that provides a peer-to-peer lending service where people from around the world connect to borrow and lend using bitcoin. It is available to users in countries that lack a local credit score system to receive loans, based on an in-house credit-scoring algorithm. Its mission is to make credit affordable and accessible everywhere. BTCjam was part of the 500 Startups accelerator program and received investments from Ribbit Capital, Foundation Capital, Pantera Capital, and other venture capital firms. It has facilitated bitcoin loans for more than US$14,000,000 in over 120 countries worldwide.

Token Generation and distribution

The financial plan is going through 3 years to final product. In case of soft-cap it is 1 million dollar annually or 83000$ monthly. Budget:
50% — marketing of platform – borrowers acquisition, conferences for platform marketingm;
40% — development and staff,
10% — unplanned issue.

Overall 49% of the tokens will be divided to team. Other 51% will be sold to provide base for platform development

For more information about Gelios ICO access the link whitepaper and Gelios.