Genby-Turn your gamming hoby into profit


Genbby is a decentralized disruptive ecosystem that is focused on competition, learning, training and socializing for the rapid evolution of the player. It differs from other models, because it is autonomous and it’s operated by artificial intelligence engines that are composed of multi-agents with specific roles. They serve as a coach and a personal assistant for each type of platform. Another innovative addition is a payment system with blockchain technology and it’s own cryptocurrency. As well as the option to bet on your skills and earn money with every match you win. This model will activate the gamer’s hobby to be profitable at any stage of their trajectory uncovering a huge economic potential in the industry.

The solution myth

The current model should benefit everyone involved. Casual players, professionals, newbies, teams, events, leagues and tournaments. It should give equal opportunities for everyone in the community,  but unfortunately that’s not the case. The centralized model is only focused on corporate brands, game creators, professional players  and teams; which causes many limitations for the participation and interaction of the gaming community as a whole, and this has been the case for many years.

Marketing strategy

Genbby not only seeks to sell products, but aspirations for all communities. They intend to be an emotional brand that satisfies all of its users.

TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE: Adapt and evolve very quickly allows dynamism within the market and  industry, as well as efficient solutions to any problem.
INTELLIGENT ADAPTIVE APPS INTEGRATE IN ONE ECOSYSTEM: A single place where you the user can get everything he requires. No need to use third-party services.
BETTER ECONOMICS: Integrating a new business model where your gaming hobby can be profitable.
GROWTH ENGINE: Viral growth for maximum expansion with creative concepts and low cost operating expenses.

Social platform

Each member of the Genbby ecosystem has access to diverse communities, both virtual and physical. This platform also shows suggestions to the players according to their personality, based on a previous behavioral analysis. DYNAMIC ACTIVITY ALGORITHM: Using a filtering process of the activities of the user, the algorithm proposes dynamic activities in relation to their current and possible interests. GENBBY FRAMEWORK: It proposes to activate in-live interactions with dynamic activities such as tournaments, events, challenges and leagues in order to strengthen socialization among users.  INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: It seeks to encourage partnerships in educational environments such as universities, institutes and schools;

Token sale

Start date: May 19, 2018GG Token is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. You can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet if you control your private keys.
End date: June 16 , 2018 (13:00:00 UTC)
Token supply in sales : 50,000,000 GG

GG Token Value: $1 USD
Minimum goal to start: $5M USD
Currency accepted: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP

After the token sale is closed, 10% of the total token amount sold will be issued and reserved for Genbby core activities,and 5% will be reserved for Genbby advisory board and partners.

For more information about Genbby company access the link whitepaper and Genbby.