Helbiz-Share your wheels


Helbiz is a peer-to-peer marketplace that makes renting a car,motorcycle or bicycle convenient, affordable and rewarding. Helbiz combines the familiar carsharing approach in the transportation sector with Blockchain technology. Their mobility ecosystem will soon provide access to individual vehicles as well as fleets and other transportation services. Helbiz Mobility System is a platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by the HelbizCoin tokens (HBZ). Helbiz will be the first company adopting HelbizCoin and leveraging the Helbiz Mobility System, a platform that will be open to other companies with interests in mobility related services (e.g. insurance companies) and willing to join the Blockchain revolution using data and building dApps (Decentralized Applications) on top of the Helbiz Mobility System.


Sharing economy:The sharing economy refers to a new socioeconomic phenomenon that provides individuals with an opportunity to enable mutualization of personal goods and services. However, even if the sharing economy is based on a peer- to-peer model, there are intermediaries that charge a fairly high fee to facilitate transactions.

The Solution – Blockchain Sharing Economy

However, by implementing Blockchain technology in the collaborative economy, it is no longer necessary for a central authority to ensure that the terms and conditions are met and that transactions are carried out accordingly with customers. The distributed ledger technology can provide smart contracts, digital identities linked to a publicly viewable user reputation systems and digital currency payments, all of which alleviate the need for a central authority.

Privacy & security

Helbiz proposes an interconnection with a range of sophisticated services specific to the vehicle owners, transport partners, and external services. They also solve a series of security and privacy issues i.e. location detection or direct remote control. In particular, by using blockchain technology it is possible to identify many solutions to these challenges.They propose an architecture based on securing privacy for users, increasing the safety of the vehicle’s ecosystem and expanding the market to all independent operators. The data provided by the vehicles holds confidential information, such as location, and therefore can open new privacy challenges.


The HELBIZ token is straightforwardly a utility token, with a core purpose of being used to buy and sell car service and users data carried out by decentralized software wrapped in HELBIZ APP, so it has mainly consumptive use.In order to further develop the platform, Helbiz will conduct a token generation event that will offer 520.000.000 HBZ tokens of the 1 billion total supply. The funds raised will be used for development of the Helbiz platform, business development. This token can be acquired during the token generation event, and will also be distributed after the token generation event, to participants in the evolving economy. The release of HELBIZ tokens after the initial token issuance event will occur via a schedule which can be modulated via democratic governance in the future.

For more information about Helbiz company access the link whitepaper and Helbiz.