IAGON – an Open Source platform

IAGON is an Open Source platform for harnessing  the storage capacities and processing power of multiple computers over a decentralized Blockchain grid. IAGON utilizes enables to store big data  fles and repositories , as well as smaller scales of  fles, and to carry out complex computational processes, such as those needed for artifcial intelligence and machine learning operations , within a fully secure and encrypted platform that integrates blockchain, cryptographic and AI technologies in a user-friendly way. The size of the cloud services market providing both storage capacities and computational    processing capabilities to companies and to corporates is estimated by 45 billion USD per annum and it steadily grows. The market is dominated by four major players: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft and IBM, all utilize central and less trusted storage and computation facilities . Due to their oligopolistic dominance , the four providers of cloud services set high pricing levels. These providers are also capable of hampering any competition and preventing new market entrants from competing with them, due to the broad scale of their operations and their substantial investments in data centers, servers and storage facilities.

IAGON’s major aim is to revolutionize the cloud and web services market by offering a decentralized grid of storage and processing. By joining the unused storage capacity in servers and personal computers and their processing power, they can create a super-computer and super data center that can compete with any of the current cloud computing moguls.


Cloud data storage is based on the delivery of  fles from local computers and servers into the remote servers and storage facilities that are obscure to the user, but can be accessed and managed at any time. Thereby, the reliability of cloud storage services and the privacy of users (i.e. protecting the  fles from being accessed by any party other than their owner) are paramount to subscribing to and implementing any cloud services. The market of cloud storage services is composed by a large number of companies that operate and offer data storage programs, from small data centers who cater to the needs of individuals and SMEs to large storage facilities of companies (such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft), aiming at managing their own gigantic volumes of data, but also offered to external customers. However, since the  frst days of cloud storage services and until recently concerns over the protection of data, the reliability of centralized data centers, the liability of cloud storage companies in cases of lost or incorrectly stored fles and the privacy of users are often expressed by experts (see for example Hu et al., 2010; Dai et al., 2017).


IAGON aim at providing its users and miners complete  fexibility and freedom of choice in providing and consuming decentralized cloud services. Hence, IAGON will provide a multiple Blockchain solution. running its cloud storage and processing operations both on the Ethereum Blockchain and on Tangle. Users and miners can choose either Ethereum or Tangle to fully securely store their  fles, to process computational    tasks, to pay and to receive IAGON tokens for cloud services , and primarily to benefit from huge advantages in gaining access to the market’s prominent and state-of-the-art technologies.


IAGON takes a very different approach towards data mining. IAGON does this by utilizing a private Blockchain with public network protocols over API networks. A miner does not need to store any of the data in order to mine, the miner’s sole duty is to honestly process the data and send the output back to IAGON’s machine learning algorithm for analysis.Data mining on IAGON ’s platform    does not have the need to perform    complex    algorithm    to solve an equation. Instead, IAGON uses the decentralized computing network to distribute load and increase speed for mundane data processing    tasks . Block tasks are distributed    to miners using the proof of variance method . Miners will need to match the data signature from the data input and  fnd its corresponding data object in the block and return the data output. The miners do not need to store any of the data it processes, and once the data has been validated to belong to the specifc block, the miner is considered to have mined the block. The miner receives rewards based on the number of data points it mines, and if no data is found within the block the miner does not receive any reward.


Imagini pentru DATA MINING  IAGON

IAGON leverages the Blockchain technology to maintain honesty of nodes across IAGON distributed data mining algorithm. The Blockchain uses SHA256 algorithm of previous blocks to maintain a chain link to its historical state (in this case data).This allows IAGON to incentivize miners on its platform to process data honestly and to guard against deliberate manipulation of the data output. Using the Blockchain, IAGON ’s machine learning algorithm can quickly identify if a data output mined from a block is actually a valid part of the block. This can be achieve within the framework of a simple Blockchain similar to that used by «Bitcoin» by hashing the inputs with the hash of the previous block. Genesis block are created internally within the private    blockchain. The Blockchain  presents    a unique    approach      towards    sharing    data across    a decentralized network. The data can be stored, processed and validated by a network of nodes or it can be stored and validated within an internal facility where the processing    is outsourced    to a decentralized network  of nodes . The Blockchain  allows consistency  to be maintained  throughout  the entire data structure.

Source: youtube/Iagon

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