KEYRPTO-start your online store and earn a regular crypto income


KEYRPTO project, its core conceptual idea, business model, competitive advantages, ICO details and roadmap towards the 1st prototype. A more technical description of core architecture will follow after the ICO funding phase.KEYRPTO started from a simple idea, why can’t we create a blockchainbased e-commerce platform which allows small business to sell their products & services with any major cryptocurrency. KEYRPTO creates a medium between seller & buyer to exchange products with cryptocurrency with minimum risk of scams and fraud by providing a full payment protection and by delivering the product/service as a 3rd party mediator.As an entrepreneur with KEYRPTO, you will have an online store where you showcase your brand, connect with your potential customers and ultimately sell your product with major cryptocurrency.


Despite the advantages of crypto payments, such as low fees, user anonymity and fraud protection, clear and developed blockchain-based e-commerce platform has yet to be implemented to the market. Buyers desire and have come to expect a way to make their purchases with cryptocurrencies. Sellers on the other hand would love to earn more revenue but are cautious with accepting cryptocurrencies. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have the best of both worlds? This is a mutual dilemma we aim to solve with the KEYRPTO platform.


Our aim is to build an advanced platform allowing buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to buy products and services with confidence from merchants, protecting the merchant from market volatility and decreasing the risk of accepting cryptocurrency.Your online store is your home base, where you showcase your brand,connect with your audience and ultimately sell your products. KEYRPTO has many ways to reach and sell to existing and new audiences.


Consumer protection needed at any eCommerce transaction.With KEYRPTO, there are hunderdes of potential outlets for online sales and every transaction is secured.KEYRPTO Payments offers 100% buyer protection against all forms of seller fraud, including:
– Delivery failed
– Delivery to incorrect address
– Lost shipment
– Delivery of an incorrect item
– Delivery of an item which does not meet the seller’s description


We aim to enable the use of KEY token in the KEYRPTO platform by spending it on merchants or online store register fees on KEYRPTO. You can also sell the token in supported exchanges, privately or hold it for future use. The KEYRPTO platform will be an eCommerce that will enable you to use the token and spend it independently. Moreover, using the KEY token on the KEYRPTO platform will have additional benefits to its growth.


• KEYRPTO has its own token (KEY).
• The KEYRPTO will be freely traded on crypto-exchanges.
• All tokens will be created during the ICO period.
• The number of tokens is limited to 25,000,000 KEY
• Total tokens for sale 18,750,000 KEY
• Unsold tokens during the ICO are burned

For more information about KEYRPTO company access the link whitepaper and KEYRPTO.