Korona-crown your life

Executive summary

Introducing the most reliable bias free, decentralized marketplace based on the revolutionary Lightning Network technology.The Korona Ecosystem is a complete functioning network of various applications and features to support private and business users in using the benefits of blockchain payment solutions. The Ecosystem’s main components:

• Implementing a brand new digital payment technology

• E-commerce payments

• Wise product and market selection

• Korona payments in shops

• Exchange

• Integrated service packages

• Businesses wallets

• Integrated marketing support

• Short term volatility tempering

Bringing additional values in e-commerce

Korona Market will offer simple e-commerce services for local citizens. Additionally Korona Market creates a way towards international markets for both smaller and larger businesses, even for start-ups, that are not yet widely known. This will allow Korona to assist local businesses to be competitive at an international level by removing their dependence on well-seasoned tech savvy staff, and the necessity of hiring a team of IT professionals to develop, maintain and scale a profitable international online presence. But further benefits will arise to users with the ability of finding better and less expensive goods at an international level. This will eliminate hidden costs of multinational company networks required to promote their retail, distribution and marketing efforts. Consequently, both large and small local companies can greatly benefit from a decentralized, cryptocurrency based, low fee marketplace.

Korona merchant marketing support

For many merchants the participation in the Korona Ecosystem will bring additional marketing opportunities and also the possibility to extend their markets. A special web-based marketing support scheme will help these registered companies and all vendors that accept Korona payments to promote their products and services. The scheme will also help Korona token holders to find those web based and physical stores, where Korona tokens can be used. Additionally, Korona users will also find the nearest Korona accepting places with the help of their smartphones. Participating in this modern technology world provides companies opportunities to raise attention to their goods and services. The Korona management will support its business users (if requested) in order to promote their products and services in an effective and profitable manner.

Korona Coin

Korona Token is a utility token that enables frictionless transactions of a wide range, while it functions also as a medium of exchange and a store of value. Korona will be able to used to purchase goods and services within the Korona Ecosystem.Korona Coin tokens will be issued by a not-for-profit foundation under the laws of Switzerland. Korona is subject to audit under Swiss regulations.The Korona Coin ICO start is scheduled for 26th March 2018.

ICO start: 23rd April 2018.
Duration of Token Sale: 60 days.
Price of Korona token: 0,0009 ETH.
Minimum token order during ICO (per each individual order): 0,15 ETH.
Option for early termination: Yes, upon reaching the hard cap.
Maximum token number: 300.000.000 (three hundred million) if hard cap is reached.
Duration of ICO stages: 12 days maximum each.
Soft cap: 3.500 ETH.
Hard cap – targeted: 96.224 ETH.

For more information about Korona company access the link whitepaper and Korona .