lh-crypto-Forex and binary options broker

What is Larson&Holz IT Ltd?

Is a Forex and Binary options broker.The company works since 2004;Larson&Holz clients are individuals who play on th fluctuations of such financial instruments quotations as:currency(including crypto-currecies),shares,oil,gold,etc.

More about FOREX

Forex is an international currency exchange system, which involves almost all the banks and financial institutions of the world. It is customary to call Forex a currency market, though it has no real location and is not a market.Brokers provide access to Forex to individual traders by supplementing the client’s money until the amount reaches the sum required for a deal. Today almost all the Forex trading is online. Brokers offer software which allows clients to make deals, i.e. buy or sell currencies and other instruments.

Industry disadvantages

Most Forex brokers open accounts in USD or Euro, because the majority of transactions are in these currencies. This creates great challenges for clients from the Arab countries and Asia, where regulations are strict, and the broker loses a significant part of the market. Financial regulators of different countries impede the business development in many regions. The requirement to obtain licenses significantly increases the company’s expenses and hinders its work. With traditional money transfer via bank cards the company faces high transactional expenses. The commission for each transaction is 6%.

Ways to solve these problems

Cryptocurrencies and BLOCKCHAIN technologies for depositing and withdrawing will help the company make mutual payments with clients from China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, several Arab countries, etc., for their Currency Laws have always prevented money transfer to foreign companies and hindered the expansion of Forex brokers to these regions. Types of tokensThe broker, who makes payments and keeps funds in cryptocurrencies will be able to work only in the Internet, without any physical location in any of the countries of his clients.Switching to cryptocurrencies as a means of payment will help us reduce the transactional expenses from 6% to 1 %.

Types of tokens

# LHCoin are the tokens bought by investors. This is the main type of tokens They are sold during the crowdsale They can be purchased in two ways. First – automatically, by transferring ETH (ethereums) to a special wallet. In this case the smart contract will send the corresponding amount of #LHCoin tokens to the investor’s wallet. The second way is to buy tokens using any other means of payment but ETH, for instance, in bitcoins or in fiat money .

# LHCoin_b are tokens distributed for BOUNTY programs, Fund’s founding members, rewards to the staff, etc. The main difference from #LHCoin is that they do not enter the referral program during the ICO and the CASHBACK Program. In other words, the smart contract does not distribute ethereums to them as a part of the CASBACK Program before the tokens are introduced to the market, before December, 2018, according to the Roadmap.For more information access the link whitepaper and lh-crypto.