MORPHEUS-Rapid prototyping and easy to deploy.


-Difficult to find fit use cases and evaluate business benefits: Companies have difficulties finding the use cases that will apply to their industry and knowing how to evaluate the return on investment.
-No easy way to install and test: Piecing together the blockchain nodes, storage, cloud development environment and GitHub requires a lot of effort and time.

Four Pillars of Value—their Solution for Inclusion and Blockchain

Evaluate Various Blockchain Technologies on one Platform:Using multiple blockchain technologies and multiple experiment environments on one platform minimises the time to switch between various platforms, applications and providers.
Crowd Sourcing:Obtain services, ideas, or tools by soliciting contributions from a wide range of partner experts, and curate crowd contribution allowing broad aggregation of innovative ideas and solutions in a relatively short period. Enterprise Grade:Scalable, secure and robust enterprise blockchain platform for rapid prototyping and easy production deployment in segregated environments for enterprises. Quickly build and validate blockchain use cases atop select pre-deployed blockchain applications by leveraging their ready to deploy blockchain applications. This shortens the time and lowers the costs to create a fail-safe and fast environment.

Morpheus Infrastructure Token Use Cases

The token used in all Morpheus Labs platform services will be called Morpheus Infrastructure Token version x (MITx). MITx is an ERC-20–compliant token and is designed to be used within the Morpheus BPaaS network for all services and products rendered.A total of 1 Billion MITx will be minted. 250 million MITx issued to the public in this Token Generation Event . The release of the 250 million MITx is to generate sufficient funding for they and to hold their accountable for the funds. The remaining MITx will be used and reserved for business expansion, and will only be released in future according to the product roadmap.

The Name: Morpheus Infrastructure Platform
Token Name: MITx (Morpheus Infrastructure Token version x)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)
Token Sales: 250,000,000 (250M)
Decimals: 8
Value: 8,000 MITx to 1 ETH

For more information about Morpheus ICO access the link  whitepaper and Morpheus.