Multiversum-4th Blokchain Generation

What is Multiversum?

Multiversum is a quantum leap in Blockchain technology, because it operates in a yet unexplored area of the protocol: data structure. It has a fundamental importance for its actual applicability outside of simple monetary transactions or simple external reference of applications of self-standing data. Furthermore, it gives its own answer to speed issues allowing parallel transactions on self-splittable and self-rejoinable sub-chains, replacing extremely expensive and polluting PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) with a new concept: Proof of Integrity, a lightweight, fast and low environmental footprint system which, despite being still under development, already gives evidence of its efficiency.Multiversum manages parallel transactions, complex data structures and can certify with typical blockchain transactions.

Their Solution: a Relational Blockchain 4.0

They provide their customers with tools that allow the generational leap to a safer Blockchain 4.0, able to create synergies among cryptocurrencies and to adapt to their specific needs, splitting and rejoining itself , allowing for a neater and faster data flux, which can manage them in a complex structured universe.

Multiversum Mission

1. Achievement of a Crypto Relational DB with self-validating Complex Data Structures
2. Divisible / re-joinable chains based on current system workload (Parallel Work)
3. Data Sharding (Parallel Work)
4. Advanced API offering
5. Rollback (User Security)
6. Freezable wallets (User Security)
7. Integration of biometric data as seed for the Electronic Signature
8. ERC23 interface (Interoperability with other blockchains)
9. Native off-chain adaptors for its own ERC20/ERC23
(Interoperability with other blockchains)
10. Native off-chain adaptors for ERC20/ERC23 guests
(Interoperability with other blockchains).

Reverse Access Denial (Structural Security)

The access lock described at point 12 entails a reciprocal preclusion of node access to both host machine operators and someone eventually possessing the node credentials; this ensures that every node not directly managed by Multiversum is authentic and inaccessible by anybody, basically autonomous and isolated from external human intervention. Additional optional security techniques might be implemented, such as automated update of container access credentials with a random password during its compiling phase, in order to prevent anyone from accessing. This mechanism might be adopted for cluster access certificate.Three fundamental components will be distributed within container in addition to Operative System and Safety ones: Multiversum Server compiled code, a certificate with asymmetric key to authenticate to Multiversum cluster, a component already described at point 11) which is responsible for challenge computation based on server code hash, certificate, challenge seed and transaction data.

Multiersum token

SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 USD
(if the soft-cap will not be reached during pre-ICO and ICO, the funds will be returned)

HARD CAP: 35,000,000 USD
(once the hard-cap is reached, the donations will be halted)

TOTAL SUPPLY 141,000,000 MTV
Airdrop of the undistributed tokens once a week, to all the wallets that still hold 100% of the MTV tokens you are intitled to at any ICO stage. The airdrop will start 2 weeks after the end of ICO and will last 18 months.

Token Distribution

  • 15% Founders and team (blocked for 12 months)
  • 6% Collaborators
  • 3% Advisors, Partnership
  • 76% Contributors

For moe information about Multiversum company access the link whitepaper and Multiversum.