Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seeing another spring and becoming a ubiquitous part of society. Researchers and engineers have made important steps towards solving practical problems in machine learning, particularly in such applications as vision, speech, machine translation, and decision making,

Neuromation offers a unique solution that unites market resources, the scientific community, and commercial and private entities into an integrated marketplace — the Neuromation Platform. To address the most critical issue,Neuromation focuses on synthetic datasets that have been proven to yield compelling results. Using synthetic datasets in machine learning will further decrease the cost of–and will ease–widespread AI adoption.Each of these domains poses a unique set of challenges for both the supply and demand side of the AI ecosystem. Neuromation offers a new and effective pproach of connecting supply and demand for each of these domains in a marketplace, bringing together competencies of researchers, engineers, and designers and connecting them with commercial sector companies.The AI ecosystem is founded upon three pillars:
● Datasets – large datasets of structured (unstructured) data used for deep learning algorithms to learn a specific task.
● Computing power – a standalone server or a farm of interconnected GPUs designed to provide the necessary framework for training AI models with existing datasets to achieve the objective.
● Machine Learning models – a set of algorithms designed to process data sets in the Neuromation Platform environment.

Platform Price Setting:

The price for each service will be determined by the aggregate setting of the Neuromation nodes (price per unit of computation). Each node will have a minimum token price-floor setting. The minimal price floor can also be adjusted dynamically via an algorithm that will maximize the total tokens earned for the node. The Neuromation platform will determine the resources required for each requested task and select the most efficient node pool (minimizing price for the customer).Between nodes “sniffing” out the market and customers hunting for the most efficient price, the Platform will find equilibrium in supply and demand.

Token Purchase for Clients:

In order to transact on the Neuromation platform, a client will need to buy Neurotokens (NTK). To simplify the purchase mechanics, Neuromation will provide  client portal that will make Neurotoken (NTK) purchase a one-click process.

Token Sale:

● NeuroTokens (NTK) minted: 100,000,000 (Will not mint more)
● Issued in Token Sale: total available 60,000,000.Neuromation will burn unsold tokens.
● Token Burn: 30% 2018, 20% 2019, 10% 2020.(Neuromation will burn 50% of the tokens over the next 3 years and decrease token supply)
● Price per NeuroToken (NTK) = 0.001 ETH

Token Sale Proceeds Distribution:

● At least 40% for Platform Development
● Up to 40% Liquidity reserve (prepay for server capacity)
● 10% for PR and Marketing of Neuromation service
● 10% to partners / advisers / early backers

Token Sale Bonus Program:

● Presale (register here to find outbonus percentage)

● Second Week

● Third Week

● 30 Ether – 1%

● 50 Ether – 2.5%

● 100 Ethers – 5%

● 300 Ethers – 8%

For more information about Neuromation ICO access the link whitepaper  and Neuromation.