NTOK-Peer to peer online education platform

Executive summary

Tutor Ninja Token («NTOK») is a global decentralized ecosystem for continuing education aimed at allowing tutors and students to interact via an online platform based on a blockchain.The education market is rapidly moving from offline to online. Tutoring, one of the biggest segments of the education market, is forecasted to reach US$227 billion by 2022. Currently, online tutoring accounts for only 3–5% of the tutoring market, but is expected to grow fast and become mainstream in the fields of language study, preschool preparation, supplementary instruction for K-12 students, continuing professional education.

The problem

-Most courses are offline with students spending hours traveling to classes:This is especially problematic for residents of major cities, where the time spent commuting to class can take as much as one to two hours each way. Many students spend two to three hours on the road to receive one hour of tutoring

-Unbalanced supply of tutors by courses and prices:When tutoring is performed offline it’s difficult to match the supply and demand for tutoring in each particular location. In smaller cities, it can be impossible to find a properly qualified tutor. Also, the price for tutoring is higher in larger cities and lower for equally skilled tutors from smaller cities and rural areas who are unable to teach students  in bigger cities due to geographical mobility limitations

-Middlemen (commercial schools and study centers) charge significant markups:If a school charges $20 for a lesson, the tutor usually receive $5–8 of the total amount. Working directly with tutors and eliminating the middlemen makes it possible to save up to 75% on the cost of a lesson

Our solution:

01Tutor search and selection:Students will be able to search using several parameters, for example: by subject, profile, language, price, rating, availability, etc. Students will receive a set of profiles for tutors available to teach the requested  subjects for the price and at the times specified as part of the search..

02Online schedule for tutors and students:Students will be able to see free slots in the teacher’s schedule as well as their own upcoming lessons.

03Direct payment to tutors using crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain .The students will know that they are paying the tutor directly, without paying a significant markup to a middleman

The NTOK ecosystem


Tutors will get paid in NTOK tokens directly by students through the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard). For better user experience fiat currency to token exchange capability will be integrated into the system. Rating and review system for tutors, video lessons and education content will be based on Ethereum smart contracts. Students will be able to rate tutors only after paid lessons. Video lessons and education content will be rated after payment (for paid content). Ratings will be based on the blockchain-based reviews and impossible to change and manipulate.

For more information about NTOK company access the link whitepaper and NTOK.