Omnitude – a radical concept in blockchain ecosystems.

What is Omnitude?

Omnitude is a pioneering project to revolutionise connectivity between blockchain technologies and eCommerce platforms & enterprise systems. The Omnitude platform will act as middleware, enabling simple integration of blockchain technology into existing systems and in doing so, transforming their capabilities. Omnitude technology will enable a wide variety of different applications to be built. The Omnitude team will build its own, whilst supporting the community to develop their own, through open documentation, example code and support.

The Omnitude Solution

In this turbulent environment, the need for an effective, state-of-the-art solution prevails. Omnitude’s Single Identity and Single Reputation will provide the means to help merchants reduce the most usual form of eCommerce fraud, Identity Theft, whereby fraudulent transactions are undertaken using a different identity, typically spending on someone else’s credit card or account. The Omnitude solution addresses all the major forms of fraud by using Blockchain technology. In providing users with a Single Identity on the blockchain, Omnitude will relieve merchants from the need to keep and secure extensive local databases containing sensitive personal data about their customers. Such databases are at risk of being  compromised by ‘hacking’. The risk of Chargeback Fraud is also minimised by reducing the use of credit cards. Omnitude will also reduce Merchant Fraud (i.e. the collecting of payment upfront, but with subsequent failure to deliver). Omnitude will facilitate staged release of payments depending on stage of delivery.

The Omnitude Ecosystem

Omnitude will be built on top of Hyperledger, the open source, global, collaborative project hosted by The Linux Foundation. Hyperledger is a permissioned blockchain protocol which enables business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. The Hyperledger architecture provides core blockchain services, on which the Omnitude ecosystem is built. The Omnitude ecosystem will be made up of a variety of entities, including those mentioned above (i.e. merchants, customers, suppliers, couriers and affiliates/referrers).


Additionally, Omnitude will prevent unauthorised parties from ascertaining the identity and patterns of behaviour of any other participant by inspecting the ledger. Omnitude will allow ecosystem participants to make certain details of a transaction confidential, so that they cannot be accessed by anyone other than the stakeholders in the transaction. Periodically, the Omnitude blockchain will also anchor to transactions on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Token sale

Tokens:100,000,000 ECOM
Inflation:None (no further tokens will be issued)
Private pre-sale cost:$0.40 USD/ECOM
Private pre-sale cap:10 million ECOM (4 million USD)
Token Sale cost:$0.46 USD/ECOM
Token Sale hard cap:45 million ECOM (20.7 million USD)

Token sale will require pre-registration with KYC and $50k USD limit per person. Following 1st round, unsold tokens will be made available to all those registered with each individual able to purchase another $50k USD worth of ECOM until sold out. This will repeat until the 5th round at which point the token sale will end if still not sold out. In the event that the Token Sale funding cap is not reached, all remaining tokens will be burned.

For more information about OMNITUDE ICO access the link whitepaper and Omnitude.