On.Live-the market place for paid advice live broadcast


The On.Live platform allows users to provide almost any service to anyone from anywhere and become a broadcaster and earn money for presenting valuable content in various business models (Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments). The main goal of the Project is to be the market leader in the live advising platform market where the customer will always find a team of specialists and valuable content on hand to provide easy access to their knowledge. The OnLive platform creates a large blockchain ecosystem enabling the sale of services through live broadcasts and place for stream content live and sell it to a wide audience at affordable prices.They use blockchain to control transactions and settlements (tokens) and they have their own platform for real-time communication, trading and dealings. Live Services – The marketplace gives service providers the ability to sell their services to anyone who needs them. It enables scheduling of live broadcasts, broadcasting in HD quality in real time, convenient billing, chat and dedicated offers, ONL tokens payments.

Decentralized Open Marketplaces

OnLive includes three completely decentralized marketplaces where users can offer and buy their services, live broadcasts or computing power directly from each other without any centralized intermediary. Full decentralization assured by the blockchain technology and smart contracts eliminates unneeded intermediaries and censorship. For example, independent Broadcasters from all over the world could set up live broadcast transmissions to Recipients globally in just a few simple steps or a lawyer or doctor from the UK can provide advice to US citizens or any other country.All agreements between Broadcasters, Transcoders, Relay Nodes, and Recipients are signed using Smart Contracts.

Security and protection of transactions – resolving issues with an order

If the Recipient has any problems with service execution, he can open a dispute. The system will choose random Validators. For a small fee, they check the recording and vote to settle the dispute. Only then the payments are released from the escrow. All private sessions are logged and encrypted and subject to a subsequent review at the time the claim is filed. If there is no dispute, then after the expiration of the complaint period are removed from the servers. If the service has not been executed, funds will be returned to the ordering party’s account. Each party can cancel the transaction.


Join they in revolutionizing the world of live services, live broadcasts and computing power! ONL token is an integral element of the OnLive Platform. It is used as a fee currency of transmission and transcoding services to incentivise decentralised computing required for the video broadcasts. Furthermore, it is the only payment option on their platform. Get it and grow with they!!! ONL is built as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain
Token Type: Utility token
Maximum supply: 111,000,000 ONL
Tokens available in Pre-ICO: 12,210,000 ONL
Tokens available in ICO: 61,050,000 ONL
Pre-ICO Hard Cap: 14,000 ETH
ICO Hard Cap: 100,000 ETH

For more information about On.Live company access the link whitepaper and On.Live.