Planport ICO

Supply chain has a $57 trillion market size and employs millions around the world. There are 200 million Small to medium size enterprises worldwide.Planport is building a decentralised B2B Network. The Planport network applications they have built and currently building include:

1.Enterprise portal
2. Supplier portal
3. Trade finance marketplace

Their initial product focuses on procurement and its components. Procurement is one of the core sectors within the supply chain industry. Procurement involves buying of goods and services that enable organisations to carry out their normal day-to-day activities. As a procurement org, may be responsible for sourcing raw materials, operational goods and services from suppliers globally and bringing them into the organisation.

Procurement teams need work with C-level, Finance, engineering team as well as external suppliers for the overall success of the procurement process and they need tools to make sure they get their jobs done well. A company can spend more than 75% of its revenue on purchasing goods and services and not get any value from it. Therefore, procurement plays a very big part in the company’s life cycle and as such is a complex process. Procurement heads and teams need to navigate through keenly to avoid any costly lapse in the whole process.From small companies to big corporations the options are very limited and most of them are the choice between legacy Systems with inefficient and closed networks that are costly, risky and time-consuming. At Planport they want to eliminate all these processes to one seamless network that has seamless and targeted solutions for businesses and Individuals across the globe.

Planport offers:

Painless process

Painless RFI, RFP, RFQs building, with simple team and stakeholders collaboration mechanism. Sourcing decisions and updates are easily managed from start to finish.

Contract Management

Planport uses cryptographically secure, smart-contracts which can be issued with projects and different events timeframes within the network, in return this means enterprises can eliminate legal risks, high-remittance fees, slow project automation and more.

Supply chain experts On-Demand

This is an innovative model that is designed to help the procurement process by combining it with subject matter expertise for enterprises and individuals. The network is designed to help avoid the costly and time consuming, firm based consultancy. Users will easily connect with experts in different category needs and transact without any hassle that they have to face with procurement advising firms.

Reverse Auctions

Planport reverse auction capability means,users can have the following critical benfits as they are designed to generate costs savings that overall improve and change the procurement process 1) Reduction of purchasing costs 2) Enhancement of the procurement process 3) Increased efficiency in the market 4) Access to a global supplier base.

B2B remittance

Transactions within the PlanPort network will use their ERC20 token, this opens up and solves, the problem of B2B remittance by bringing a low-fee, realtime access in greater detail,secure safeguards, eliminated reconciliation. These will improve speed to market, enhancing profitability which can result in improved working capital and performance for both end of companies.

Supplier Management

Planport’s supplier management portal is designed to make the lives of suppliers easy, so they are able to cut the time of response from days to minutes, as well as responding to RFPs, they also have a reputation system and performance review which can help the network to easily identify best performers, eliminate risk, ultimately bring a greater business outcome.

Planport PLAN Token ICO Details

The details of the ICO are yet to be made public.

Token Distribution:

  • 44% – contributors
  • 22% – presale
  • 18% – team
  • 6% – advisors
  • 4% – bounty
  • 28% – foundation reserve

Distribution Of Funds:

  • 20% – research and development
  • 10% – legal
  • 10% – marketing
  • 60% – product development

For more information,visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.