Pumapay-Comprehensive pull payment protocol


PumaPay’s open-source Pull Payment Protocol is a comprehensive blockchain solution which offers robust payment mechanisms far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable than current implementations (credit cards). Unlike today’s payment methods, which include credit cards and virtual coins like Bitcoin, the Pull Payment Protocol was designed from the ground up specifically to overcome existing hurdles and offers a set of tools developed to facilitate onboarding processes for both businesses and individuals.

With PumaPay merchants can:

-Plug-in various billing solutions to enable acceptance of cryptocurrencies directly, replacing credit card companies and other billing processors

-Offer customers comprehensive and flexible billing solution, addressing all common billing practices, including recurring, -pay-per-use, etc

-Eliminate risks of fraud and chargebacks and associated fines.

PumaPay PullPaymenet Protocol

Cryptocurrencies were designed for direct transfer of value between two parties,withot having to go trought intermediaries (P2P) and allow only one simple,primitive type of transaction – ‘push’.While this may be enough as a POC for cryptocurrencies ,it is defiintely not enough in order to make them a widely used means of payment as it does not address that requirements of modern commerce.At the heart of their protocol will be a unique architecture of PullPayment smart contracts that inverse the mechanics of common cryptocurrencies transactions:instead of having side A’send’ or ‘push’ tokens to side B,it allows side B to connect to side A’s address via a PullContract and ‘pull’fund into its account.This is of course subject to predefined terms and prior acceptance of the transaction by side A.PumaPay PullPayment Protocol was designed from the ground up specifically to addres this issue and to facilitate flexibility in transaction mechanics.The innovative PullPayment architecture will open the door to a whole universe of paymnet mechanics that are very coomon in their daily lives.

PumaPay Token Economy

For a cryptocurrency to be a succesful over time,it needs to be a core aspect of the ecosystem it represents.The PumaPay ecosystem will be bulit entirely around the frunctionality of the PumaPay Token.They will promote the adoption of the Pumapay Token both online and offline wiht a special focus on e-commerce and online service providers.They will initilally focus on digital content creators.Their goal is to make Pumapay the facto standard for modern payments by achieving adoption backed by a powerful token economy.In order to achieve this goal they have carrefuly crafted a strategy that rests on four pilars:

1.Early adopters ;

2.Launch Partners;

3.PumaPay Pride;

4.Third Parties Extension Services and Products

The PumaPay Token

The PumaPay Token (symbol PMA)is the facilitator of the protocols unique PullPayment functionality.The token will initially be developede as an ERC223 compatible token over the public Ethereum Blokchain.During the TGE,they will offer a special 5 % bonus to a person/entity who contributed at least 5.000 USD.The allocation of total PumaPay will be as folows:30 % of the total number of PumaPay Tokens will be alocated to public contributors;10% will be alocated to the founders and team and will be gradually vested over a 12-month period.

For more information about Pumapay company access the link whitepaper and Pumapay.