REGO – powering the next generation blockchain based global real estate platform.

Key challenges for foreign investors in today’s real estate market include the lack of top quality and reliable property listing platforms, and dealing with the time consuming, error prone and costly processes in acquiring, managing and funding of properties. The REGO innovative real estate property sourcing, listing and technology firm is launching the REGO crypto token, blockchain technology-based trading platform and applications for the real estate market to revolutionize the trading, management and investing of real estate properties, especially for foreign investors. REGO utility tokens can be used as currency in the acquisition of certain properties listed on the trading platform and for access to the blockchain based applications. Usage of REGO tokens will significantly expedite, securitize and reduce the costs of the aforementioned processes. REGO can also offer unique services to assist foreign investors in making property investments in the US and other countries. Such services will minimize the challenges of time and costs in acquiring and managing of properties purchased from their platform.

REGO Property Trading Platform

Their trading platform supported by state of the art blockchain technology, will allow investors from around the world to execute the purchase quickly and securely. Purchase payments can be made with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies including REGO tokens seamlessly. REGO tokens were created for facilitating overseas property transactions and management as well as eliminate cumbersome banking process and high fees involved with these transactions. REGO tokens will be executed with Ethereum based smart contract technology to eliminate errors and documented on the decentralized and distributed ledger of blockchain to assure transparency and immutability.


A blockchain is a shared, distributed, unalterable ledger. Rather than a central third party holding a record of every transaction that has taken place, in a blockchain network, multiple nodes hold complete ledgers of transactions. As a result, trust does not need to be placed in a central third party, but nodes can trust themselves and other nodes in the system to have an accurate record of transactions that have taken place.
In summary, blockchain is simply a shared distributed ledger that has the following characteristics:
  • Records transactions in P2P network
  • Distributed to all member nodes
  • Stores transactions in blocks
  • Verified transactions are linked from first block to most current block
  • Past blocks unalterable

REGO Token

REGO token is the cryptocurrency created for users of their property platform as well as the real estate ecosystem and will be available at their initial Coin Offering (ICO). It is the preferred payment method for acquisition on the platform as it eliminates the time-consuming banking process and unnecessary fees. It is also recorded on the decentralized and distributed ledgers of blockchain and, as such, will be secured and immutable. Furthermore, using tokens as payment, the purchaser could will qualify for up to 20% discount off the cash price. Over time, REGO tokens will be listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges to provide easy access to the tokens and the trading of them.


REGO tokens can be utilized to purchase properties and access blockchain based technology for property management and the real estate eco-system. Over time the REGO platform will expand its property pool to other countries in Asia and Europe. Real estate related expenses such as brokerage, legal fees, builders, renovator, maintenance, service fee, consulting and managing agent can also be managed and maintained within the REGO platform and potentially paid through REGO tokens. This can be done using ERC20 compatible mobile wallets for easy transactions. Overtime, the REGO platform will grow to include single and multi-unit residential investment properties and commercial properties which can be listed by the public and managed on the REGO platform through incentivization with REGO tokens.

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.