Seal-protect the value of the world’s most beloved brands.


Seal is the best way for anyone to check if a product is genuine or fake. Seal combines NFC chips, which are embedded into physical products, the Seal app, and the Seal Network to provide a fast, simple, and secure way to provide products authenticity and other services. By facilitating a secure tokenized version of a physical product, Seal allows product-specific services to operate such as transferring ownership, theft prevention, insurance, but also brand activation campaigns and product analytics. Seal lets brands earn money every time their products change owners. For the first time in history, brands can earn money from items sold through the secondhand trade, while simultaneously protecting their markets from counterfeiters. Using the power of the blockchain, authenticity can be checked and ownership can be transferred decades from now, as long as people contribute to the decentralized Seal network.

Scope of the problem

NO PROPER PROTECTION-Nike is the most frequently imitated brand, but no brand is immune. Counterfeits reach the EU & US by the hundreds of millions of units. Unlicensed products are produced during midnight shifts and sold through parallel import.
MINDBOGGLING MAGNITUDE -85% of global counterfeiting originates from Asia. 20% of China’s total production is counterfeit goods. Global counterfeit products are
projected to rise to $1954 billion* by 2022.
GEOPOLITICAL SCALE OECD–  states counterfeiting has scourging impact on economies. The profits end up funding cartels and terrorist cells. It is a bigger
revenue stream for crime rings than the drug trade. Safety of people globally is jeopardized by fake medicine, airbags and airplane parts.

Solving the problem

CURRENT SOLUTIONS ARE INSUFFICIENT-Static solutions like QR-codes, holograms and RFID will eventually be copied and compromised. The Seal Network’s blockchain and NFC chips are tamper resistant.

MAKE IT EASY TO AUTHENTICATE-One tap is all it takes to verify the authenticity of a product. Anyone can now check if a product is genuine. No additional knowledge about other counterfeit detection measures is needed.

REMOVE FINANCIAL INCENTIVE-While products can still be copied, the Seal chips in combination with the Seal Network cannot. They therefore make it impossible for
counterfeiters to make money from selling counterfeit products.


A maximum of 1.2b tokens will be minted and will never exceed this amount. No more than 492m tokens will be allocated for the token sale rounds. Discounts and bonuses depend on strategic partnerships and deal size.

41% Token sale- A maximum of 492m tokens will be distributed during the token sale. Unsold tokens will be distributed proportionately to ALL Private Investors, Presale and Mainsale Buyers.
13% Team & Advisors -156m tokens will be used for rewards to the team, advisors, bounties and future staff members. This pool is also used to attract senior executives. Tokens will vest every 6 months over a period of 3 years.
7% Influence- 84m tokens will be used for lobbying, influencing, and other pr. Tokens will vest every 6 months over a period of 3 years.

For more information about Seal company access the link whitepaper and Seal.