SharpCapital-decentralised ecosystem to help retail traders understand financial markets better


Sharpe Capital is an innovative blockchain company, paying Ether in exchange for your opinion about equity markets and Blockchain assets.The stock market is fundamentally driven by two forces. The first is quantitative,dictated by the efficient market hypothesis, that an asset’s trading market value is intrinsically linked to the microeconomic performance of the asset. The logic behind this driving force is so simple as to be almost trivial – that the collective action of every trader taking a position in an asset will encapsulate all information about that asset, thus driving it to an equilibrium reflecting its true value.The Sharpe Platform, supported by issuance of SHP cryptotokens, achieves this by developing models that capture the complex relationships between microeconomic asset data and its market value using state-of-the-art machine learning technology, together with the ability to assess its own perceptions of current market behaviour as a whole through independent incorporation of two sources of participant sentiment analysis.

Crowd-sourced Sentiment Platform

The crowd-sourced sentiment platform, described in Section 6, will provide a valuable additional input into they forecasting model. By obtaining real sentiment indications from users of the platform, using a combination proofof-reputation and proof-of-stake system to determine ‘confidence weightings’ to be applied to predictions, they are able to augment they model with genuine human insight into the market. Essentially, this allows they to add ‘organic’ intelligence into an artificial intelligence-driven quantitative trading model.

Sharpe Capital Financial Markets Protocol

The Sharpe Capital Financial Markets Protocol aims to be the new gold standard for hedge funds, providing for an entirely decentralised, communitygoverned organisation in which key governance decisions are made by the community through both consensus-based and democratic votes, managed entirely using blockchain technology in a trustless manner.

Sharpe Capital Investment Platform

The Sharpe Capital Investment Platform consists of a new form of quantitative trading model utilising the latest advancements in economic theory and cognitive science, integrated with advanced statistical and machine learning analysis of microeconomic, macroeconomic, participant sentiment and news/social media emotional content analysis. This permits the development of a high ‘alpha’ fund aiming to achieve significantly better riskadjusted returns than tracker funds.

 SHP Exchange Dynamics: Crowd-sale

Sharpe Platform Tokens (SHP) will be issued at the rate of 2,000 SHP per 1 ETH. This rate will remain constant throughout the duration of the token generation event, or ‘crowd-sale’. Upon completion of the crowd-sale, no more SHP will be minted. The hard-cap for SHP generation, including presale, is $20,000,000, to be pegged to ETH at a time prior to launch of the presale event on November 6th. The public crowd-sale will begin on November 13th at 14:00 UTC. They have implemented ‘dynamic ceilings’ as developed by Status GmbH1 to ensure decentralised distribution of SHP (maximum contribution per person not to be in excess of $75,000 during the crowdsale).

For more information about SharpCapital ICO access the link whitepaper and SharpCapital.