Sidera Blockchain Technologies

Sidera may be a new platform created for shopper cryptocurrency that permits users within the sale of purpose of Sale (POS) victimization smartwatch and contactless smartband. Sidera is that the 1st blockchain technology to use the primary decentralized wearable devices. Sidera can offer associate incentive network for participants through free hardware suppliers for retail stores in European geographics as a begin. Users are given incentives to participate within the network of sidera through ease and accessibility of use, simple payment with mobile devices and also the simplicity of the sensible clock. The sidera platform helps generate cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency requests that ar already giant and little. alternative on-line cryptocurrency exchanges nobody will bring new cryptocurrency users from this section within the same quantity. They tend to target shopper market withdrawal.


The future maturity of the wearable technology market would be driven by shopper preference for gadgets, increasing growth propects of next generation show in wearable devices and maturing quality of connected devices with net of Things [IOT]. In different to produce the very best security, your personal key’s unbroken within the devices sandbase. this is often ultra-secure partition, absolutely encrypted within the military-grade AES-2048, non-reachable by anyone. You become the sole one in possession of the personal key that grants you access to your funds.

Endless, wearable, possibilities

Continuum is much more than a simple decentralized exchange. There are already several decentralized exchanges around the world, the goal of Sidera is to differentiate itself, developing a unique and revolutionary product. They are doing this with smartwatches and  want to do it with their exchange and their proprietary hybrid blockchain. Sidera’s Blockchain uses a principle called INTERSECT, in which dApps, cryptographic algorithms and transactions coexist without weighing down the network. They have taken note of the problems of Bitcoins and the Etherum network, developing an alternative solution. Each element developed through their Blockchain (from transactions to applications) intersects through IoT wearable devices, which act as intelligent micro-nodes, lightening the network.

Security Level Wearable Device (DWD)

Unique System Identifier : Encrypted encryption key or encryption code using unique identifier method generated from user’s hand movements, arm skin, sweat, and other elements which is unique to everyone. Smartwatch comes with a sensor that will receive and decode this body then the sensor will give access to your hardware wallet.

Ghost Mode : The ultra security that is applied using a special mode is Ghost Mode. With this mode your wallet will not be detected by other devices. Ghost mode will also change the clock mode to a normal clock so it will not look like a cryptocurrency wallet. Security in locks with military level encryption.

Secure anti-theft system : This system will provide high security by using private keys stored in the device’s sandbox. This super-secure partition will be encrypted at AES-2048 military level that can not be penetrated by anyone, making it safe from theft. BystSmart Smartwatch becomes a separate device and the companion app does not store your private key. Only you can have a private key written in 12 random words to access your funds. You must keep it in a safe place because it can not be recovered.

The token

Target: $ 15,000,000
51,000,000 Token ERC20 eQUOS
1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS

SOFT CAP: 1,500,000 US dollars
(if soft cap is not achieved during the preliminary distribution and distribution, the funds will be returned)

HARD CAP: 15,000,000 US dollars
(after the hard cap is reached, donations will be terminated)

1% of the funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.