SKYCHAIN-The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare


First years of Skychain development will be devoted only to medicine to help doctors and patients have accurate diagnoses using this system.Skychain is a “sharing economy” project, it means that each member of the Skychain ecosystem will provide his resources and thus create a product that is ahead of any competitors. In its turn, the system will reward each participant with high benefits.Skychain is a project that will “uberize” artificial neural networks, but with developers of individual ANNs instead of taxi drivers, consumers of ANNs (doctors and patients) instead of passengers and computers and server of miners instead of cars.

Problems in the field of medicine

The main causes of incorrect diagnoses are:
– Narrow view of doctors on the problem, doctors specialize in individual organs or body systems  and often do not see the picture as a whole;
– Lack of experience and gaps in the knowledge of doctors often result in their inability to diagnose rare diseases;
– Not enough time for the analysis of anamnesis due to high utilization of methods and a lot of time spent on documentation;
– Difficulty of determining a disease according to X-ray, CT, MRI, histological tests at a nonstandard course of a disease, as well as high dependence on the subjective experience of a doctor. Artificial intelligence based on artificial neural networks will totally change this situation in the field of medical diagnostics.

Medical artificial neural networks today

ANNs are trained with large arrays of disease records from hospital patient records, as well as directly using reference data and medical researches. Many companies and laboratories are already successfully doing this. Key participants of this market are:
1. Creators of neural networks:
Small laboratories that trained one or two neural networks to solve a certain diagnostic problem. For example, detect a specific type of oncology on a radiograph.

2. Medical data providers:
Hospitals and state structures create their own medical datasets, investing significant funds into them.

3. Infrastructure providers:
Manufacturers of equipment for training and using neural networks. The current leader is Nvidia providing specialized GPU processors with tensor cores increasing performance at computing neural networks up to 10 times.

4. Consumers of neural networks:
Today doctors do not have ready-made tools for using external neural networks. Individual neural networks are tested by individual clinics, but widespread use is suppressed by the lack of a public infrastructure.

SCH tokens

At the launch of the Skychain project, all SCH tokens will be exchanged for similar amount of Skychain Global Coins Global Coins, one token is equal to one coin. Emission of additional coins is impossible.A total of 36 000 000 Skychain tokens will be issued. Up to 30,000,000 tokens will be sold during pre-ICO and ICO:
-+ 10% of the total tokens sold will be transferred to the project team, without the possibility of
– selling tokens within 12 months
– + 10% of the total tokens sold will be transferred to early investors.

For more information about Skychain company access the link whitepaper and Skychain.