Social Wallet – intergating cryptocurrency into social network

What is Social Wallet?

Social Wallet Inc. has developed a platform that allows one social media account to send cryptocurrency to another social media account, even if the recipient is not expecting it or has never heard of it. Simply by knowing an individual or group’s social media username, users can send cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds. It is fast, secure, and easy to use. No technical expertise is required by the sender and no prior setup or notification is required of the person receiving the cryptocurrency. Social Wallet is the only platform that anyone from one central place grants consumers the ability to send tokens over Email, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platforms instantaneously.They will then use their resources to amplify these stories of “Social Good” so that new people can read for themselves real life instances of cryptocurrency affecting real positive change.

 Social Media Networks: A Thriving Market

Social networks grow their user bases every day and have been for the past decade. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be roughly 2.77 billion social media users globally, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. Faster internet and the adoption of mobile devices in developing markets is a large segment of growth in this increase. Worldwide, the increased usage of social networks is due to the popularization of mobile technologies and also, the increasing availability and affordability of mobile internet. Mobile social networking is one of the most popular activities on smartphones and tablets, along with text messaging, taking photos and videos, or playing games.

 Blockchain Technology: Taking the Market by Storm

The blockchain is, at its essence, an encrypted public ledger designed to keep track of cryptocurrency transactions. In its first case use, the blockchain was developed for Bitcoin.The increasing adoption of this secure technology in the financial services sector and anticipated adoption across the public sector, including healthcare segments, fuels the need for a cryptocurrency platform that easily allows parties to instantaneously exchange funds.The blockchain, and cryptocurrency can seem very daunting to those who do not know. That is why ease of use is a priority, and one of their core in today’s blockchain market.

WIRE Token

The WIRE token is a utility token that fuels the Social Wallet platform. WIRE’s “utility”designation derives from its function on the platform. Wire is an early banking term, which means payment transfer from one bank account to another. It is initiated by the payer, meaning the person receiving the funds, does not need to be aware of the transfer in order to receive money. Today, the term wire transfer is still used all over the world. Social Wallet is launching a promising Token Sale. The campaign will run between February 7, 2018 and April 27, 2018. They last approximately 2 weeks in duration with each round successively lowering its bonus in 5% increments. In Round 1, buyers can anticipate a 25% Bonus. Round 2 will be a 20% bonus, working its way down to 0% .

For more information about Social Wallet ICO access the link whitepaper and Social Wallet.