SPRINTX-An ICO Maker with an integrated exchange for startups


The Startup community is characterized by talented people and great minds. They use their ideas to make each of their respective industries become something bigger and better; furthermore, they give back to the community of Entrepreneurs, mentoring, advising, and guiding to become successful. This picture of the Startup community is what inspires their to develop this project. They understand that, even in this current ecosystem of opportunities, funding is always a big issue that slows down growth. Startups usually attempt to obtain the funding through traditional financial institutions, which often leads to failure since the current financial systems prefer to invest in companies that have already turned a profit or that have extensive experience and trajectory.

ICO Objectives

In order for their vision to be fulfilled they are launching their Token Sale via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with the following main objectives:

Launch the ICO Maker platform to provide technology tools and consultant services for Startups called SprintX. Launch the Crypto and Fiat Exchange called SwitchX to provide conversion of cryptocurrencies and debit card services as spending solution for cryptocurrencies. Acquiring at least six existing Banks in different areas of the world to allow additional banking services for Startups and their Investors such as Wealth Management. Obtain the financial backing for Fundación NOVA which has the purpose of fueling Startups and Entrepreneurs with funding, advisory, and business growth services as well as providing them with a Campus where Startups can test and deploy their ideas.


SwitchX’s future for the Exchange

At present, the type of cryptocurrency exchange systems has worked well and has marked the beginning of this service; However, its current characteristics and form of operation will be insufficient for 2018. Above all, because they have started from mechanisms of the real banking world to try to support the world of cryptocurrency.The new generation of Exchange will be supported by a new set of products/ services linked to blockchain with Smart Contracts, so they are accessible to any company or service provider, such as lawyers, service companies, supply chain, etc. This functionality is not currently available in any Exchange and will become required in the future due to how frequent this type of operations will become. SwitchX will be the first product of a new generation of Exchange, which will integrate naturally and inclusively the real world and the virtual world. It will offer services adapted to the world of cryptocurrency and will seek maximum profitability for all its owners.

SprintX token

Token Symbol-SPTX
Token Standard E-RC20 (Ethereum)
Total Token Supply-460 000 000 SPTX
Private Sale -104 650 000 SPTX
Public Pre-Sale-78 487 500 SPTX
Public Sale-44 850 000 SPTX
Minimun Purchase-0.05 ETH                                                                        
Timeline=April 23rd – May 9th Pre-ICO-May 23rd – June 23rd ICO

It is clear that the Exchange will be launched regardless of the fund-raising obtained, as long as the number of tokens necessary for the pre-ICO is met. Funds obtain will be use to get 6 banks in differents countries including Switzerland.The destination of the funds collected will be as follows:

5% Property.
10% SprintX Platform development
60% SprintX capitalization
24% Nova Fundation & Legal
1% Management & Team

For more information about Sprintx company access the link whitepaper and SPRINTX.