Taylor-Crypto tranding for everyone

What is Taylor?

Taylor is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant – an easy-to-use trading platform that helps people earn small profits many times a day, every day. Taylor monitors major exchanges and performs technical analysis to find investment opportunities. It will then signal users to a potentially profitable trade that can be entered into automated with the simple tap click of a button. Once the trade is started, Taylor will monitor it for you, automating the process.Taylor enables anyone, regardless of trading expertise, to start profiting from the global cryptocurrency market.


The technology behind these cryptocurrencies, as well as their extensive variety and the peculiarities of market movements, create a barrier to entry for new users. Furthermore, the complex environment hinders more experienced traders from their attempt to keep up with all the opportunities that the market offers. The cryptocurrency trading market has been hugely profitable compared to other markets in the traditional financial world. It draws the attention of average users who, like any other investor, wish to transform their money into profitable assets. However, these users lack knowledge of how the market works, stumble into websites and services with difficult-to-use interfaces, and hesitate when faced with the inability to follow such a wide range of markets. The Taylor platform seeks to solve some of the problems encountered by both inexperienced and experienced users, attempting to make the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies more user-friendly and profitable.


The Taylor platform is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant service. The service consists of a signaling tool for trading opportunities associated with a mobile application and operation automation bot.How it works The service consists of a market monitor bot (A), a mobile application (B), and a trading operations automation bot (C). The market monitor bot (A) continually monitors several markets, or currency pairs, in the exchanges supported by the service. Initially, they will support Bittrex and Poloniex, given the variety of cryptocurrencies and volume of operations. This monitoring works through the use of they proprietary trading strategy to identify suitable entry opportunities. The development of the “scalping strategy” is the initial phase of the roadmap. This is a strategic concept in which a trade that lasts only a few minutes can potentially achieve a small profit margin.


A token sale will be held in February 2018. They will issue a token called Taylor (symbol TAY) to support Taylor service and cover costs associated with further development, marketing, and technological enhancement infrastructure. The Token Sale will be held to let the general public purchase TAY tokens.

Start date: February 21, 2018 14:00:00 UTC
End date: March 22, 2018 23:59:59 UTC, or when tokens sold out, whatever comes first.

Users who pay for the service using TAY tokens will have a discount on their subscription fee, get access to premium features and a first look at new beta features, among other similar benefits.

For more information about Taylor company access the link whitepaper and Taylor .