Treon – a platform on the Ethereum blockchain

Treon (TXO) is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token and e-wallet for paying utility bills using a robust technology in a completely decentralised and secure fashion. The utilities sector has had intermittent customer-centric innovations over the years. Disruptive blockchain technology utilised by the TXO e-wallet offers vast opportunities for utility providers to drive cost-efficiency and increase profitability while giving consumers greater control over their usage and wider financial inclusion and convenience. With Treon, they will make your utility bill payments a convenient one-click experience – anytime, anywhere. Treon (TXO) is focused on providing an exciting value-added service that will simplify the utility management and payment process like never before: consumers will effect their payments instantly using a simple consolidated dashboard. Moreover, Treon (TXO) is on its way to bring a large number of new users into the crypto space by connecting billions of utility customers to the blockchain. Their vision is to reach a point in the near future where utility consumers around the world use the Treon token (TXO) as their currency of choice and preferred payment tool. They are set to convince utility companies to accept Treon tokens (TXO) from customers because it is faster, more secure, and less costly to operate and use.

Why Treon

Treon is a robust, modular, Ethereum blockchain-based, decentralised utility payment gateway and processing wallet app that any consumer can use from around the world to pay their utility bills. Treon aspires to become the tool and token of choice in a completely decentralised and inexpensive way. For unbanked customers, there are assured benefits of using TXO tokens. Obviously, there is a learning curve for the customers to learn to access TXO as a settlement tool so in the interim they are offering and will continue to offer other payment tools. Treon’s core purpose is to provide all sorts of payment methods that exist today for the customers around the world to try to ease their day to day pain as they foresee that cryptocurrencies will be part of the regular day to day transactions in the future. Treon is building a new form of services with its digital payment tool in a sector that had little customer-centric innovations for years. The blockchain technology is offering vast opportunities for utilities to grow cost efficiencies and profitability while offering consumers greater control over their usage with financial freedom.

Treon Vision

Treon aims to become the new “Utilities Money” to transact on and off utility networks. They envision a world where banked and unbanked consumers are equally enjoying the convenience and security of knowing and paying for what they used from minutes of voice calls, gigabytes of data, kilowatts of electricity, thermal units of natural gas, or gallons of potable water. All from one online and consolidated dashboard running on their smartphones and paying for such usage using the currency of their choice — crypto or fiat — by few simple clicks. Treon team designed a robust and unique digital platform, smartphone app and a wallet to enable customers to manage their services from one place with utility providers and pay for their usage through a consolidated application, which is connected to each provider through open and secure interfaces. In  addition, to grow this new ecosystem, Treon will reward customers every time they use Treon tokens (TXO) to top-up their utility accounts or settle their utility bills.

Treon App& Dashboard

For the utility consumer, Treon app is a dashboard into his/her account to view usage and bill details for the connected utilities, as well as to connect/disconnect “BillContracts” with each of the utility company serving them. The app will have a Notifications engine linked to the account alerting users on service related events like bill due date, approaching consumption thresholds, high usage, low balance, etc. Such notifications have been rarely experienced by users of utilities around the world and they are focusing on it as one of the main differentiators of Treon. The wallet is the holder of the user’s private key as through it the user executes actions on the blockchain. The Treon Wallet will facilitate payment interactions between Accounts. These interactions consist of BillPayment, submitting BillContracts, approving BillContracts, showing pending and previous transactions, and displaying the account’s balance. They developed and published a prototype of the App that you can download now from the Android store. The final app will be developed for Android and iOS devices as listed in the Treon roadmap.

Source: youtube/Treon Official

For more information, visit the WEBSITE or read the Whitepaper.