Wealthe-The REAL Real Estate based coin


Wealth Migrate brings trust, transparency, independent insight, and accessibility to the global real estate investment marketplace through Fintech. The company was founded in 2010 by renowned global real estate and Fintech investors, Scott Picken and Hennie Bezuidenhoudt, and is owned and operated by Wealth Migrate Holdings Limited in Hong Kong.The platform offers investors the opportunity to participate in unique global real estate investment opportunities in premier markets, worldwide. In fact, Wealth Migrate’s online platform has members from 105 different countries and investors from 42 countries around the world. The latter represents a quarter of the total number countries on the planet and it continues to grow by 0.5% per day.


The only way the 99% will individually be able to invest in global real estate from as little as one dollar with the swipe of a finger is by utilizing blockchain. No other technology on the horizon offers this promise and that is why Wealth Migrate started investigating Blockchain in 2014 and building their platform on the Blockchain in 2016.To achieve a minimum of one dollar per real estate transaction, the following five business operational areas need to be developed on the Blockchain. Let’s look at each of these individually:
1. Investor partner management;
2. Supplier partner management;
3. Community member/token/currency/ escrow management;
4. Registry ownership management & reporting.

Investor Partner Management (DEMAND)

To run a global Real Estate platform, where prospective investors can invest easily with the swipe of a finger from one dollar, the two main success factors are  investors—you need a global community of investors that continually interact with your platform seeking a home for the investments they wish to make; and  suppliers—you need a global selection of quality real estate for investors to invest in.Wealth Migrate Platform has investment channel partners. These are organizations that are rewarded for pointing their contacts towards the Wealth Migrate Global Real Estate Investment Platform.

Supplier Partner Management (SUPPLY)

To run a successful global real estate platform where investors are able to invest from as little as one dollar with the swipe of a finger, there needs to be a global selection of quality real estate for investors to invest in. Supplier factors:
• Supplier due diligence and integration with GIDDSTM;
• Supplier profiling and updating on the platform;
• Supplier portfolio management;
• Supplier wallet management and payment transactions;


Name of Token- WealthE™
Quantity of WealthE™ Tokens Issued 600- million
Initial Rate of Token -The ETH equivalent of USD 0.10 Cap USD 30 million
Use of Funds -The proceeds will to be used to expand Wealth Migrate’s technical operational & platform capacity, the Global Wealth Group Ecosystem, upgrading and localizing the company’s presence and business platform in several key jurisdictions and an expanded raft of real estate investment opportunities.
Pre-Pre Sale: until December 15th, 2017 or when USD 1 million is raised, whichever is earlier ; Pre-Sale: From the end of Pre-Pre Sale to April 4th, 2018 or when USD 10 million is raised,whichever is earlier.

For more information about WEALTHE ICO access the link whitepaper and Wealthe .