WhiteRabbit- a new digital streaming reality

Exam Summary

The film industry, like the music industry, has been unable to maximize its revenue potential in the digital economy. Instead of replacing old business models with sustainable digital distribution revenue benefitting the entire industry, new distribution companies have filled the void with closed server subscription services. While Netflix, Amazon and other over-the-top (“OTT”) services have expanded digital streaming globally, the traditional studios and independent producers have been unable to create a space of their own to distribute digitally and globally.White Rabbit is a browser plug-in that recognizes the content you watch, without forcing you to subscribe to anyone site. By separating distribution from payment, White Rabbit offers one payment system, but infinite viewing experiences.

White Rabbit´s solution

White Rabbit´s solution to these challenges is its unique browser plugin that recognizes the content you are streaming, from any P2P or open server streaming site you choose to stream from. Once the content is recognized, the plugin allows users to pay the rights holders and filmmakers directly as they stream. Therefore, they enable a competitive market for digital distribution and liberate creators, their content and the users from subscription platforms. Instead of closed subscription services, White Rabbit separates distribution from payment, offering one login, one payment system but infinite viewing experiences.

Why WRT?

The White Rabbit ecosystem consists of users (token holders), content rights holders, streamers, third party developers and White Rabbit. Once WRT is accepted by the CRH, it opens access for fans to the high quality version of the film in the Rabbit Hole plus all the extras, behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, fan and filmmaker interaction and third-party innovation. WRT can be used to access all of this additional content. A cult film with 20,000 fans in 50 different countries can hold a VR cinema screening in the Rabbit Hole with half a million fans from all over the world. Filmmakers and fans can interact;
– live in the VR cinema, merchandise can be bought, new fans can join. What was once a niche film that was difficult to monetize due to geographical barriers, becomes a very viable business model. WRT enables users to gently nudge the CRH to join White Rabbit and give users access their art and entertainment
– but on the fans terms. The film industry should not demand fans to change their habits, the film industry should adapt.

Token Allocation

-40% token sale.
-31,5% WR Reserve;
-16% Team (vested 1/3 6months 1/3 12Months 1/3 18Months);
-6% Partners;
-5% Advisory board (vested for 6 months);
-1,5% Bounty campaign.

The tokens allocated for WR Reserve is dedicated to incentivise and offer further services in the Rabbit Hole. Tokens are allocated to:
-CRH – the first time they accept tokens for content, a 10% bonus on aggregated tokens at time of smart contract commitment;
-Users – loyalty bonus, promotion bonus, allocating space for content, new incentives;
-Streaming sites – incentives and rewards for development and accomplishments;
-Third party applications in the Rabbit Hole rewards for development and accomplishments;
-Acquisition and Investment in content.

For more information about WhiteRabbit company access the link whitepaper and WhiteRabbit.