WYSKER-Blockchain-powered mobile shopping


The wysker Platform was built to improve the current standards of digital commerce. Wysker was built on the belief that consumers should have the right to own, control, and profit from their data. Today, the Internet is far removed from these aspirations and users’ data will become increasingly valuable. wysker’s mission is to change this imbalance and put consumers back in control.The wysker app is a high-intensity visual shopping experience made for Generation Snapchat. Imagine browsing through thousands of online shops with just a single button. It is a curated and highly personalized experience with instant gratification through a novel reward model.

The wysker Platform

The wysker Platform creates a new digital economy that changes the relationship between consumers, advertisers, and retailers. The first component of the platform is the wysker App, a high-speed window shopping experience that empowers today’s consumers to find the products they love faster while offering brands and retailers a platform to engage with customers. The second component is the wys Token, a new utility token for digital commerce. It gives users discounts for product views, advertisers access to customers, and retailers new opportunities to increase their sales. The wysker Platform enables an economy where product discounts can be traded for access to customers, further paving the way for the widespread acceptance of tokens in digital commerce.

Solving Mobile Shopping

The wysker App takes on one of the biggest challenges related to shopping. Offline shopping has a rewarding discovery experience but is limited by the physical availability of products. Online shopping, on the other hand, has the availability but lacks the discovery experience. The bottom line, as Ben Evans of Andreessen Horowitz, once said, is: ”the internet lets you buy, but it doesn’t let you shop ”. The solution is to mimic the way consumers actually shop offline (walking down shop-lined streets, looking at window displays, quickly screening inside for products and signs, and browsing through racks before finally deciding on what to purchase) and to translate this into a mobile experience.

The wys Token

The wys Token will be deployed on the Ethereum platform as an ERC-20 token . The wysker team appreciates the rapid pace of innovation in the crypto ecosystem and will continue to investigate all platforms with similar functionality to best service the wysker economy. As the new unit of exchange between consumers, advertisers and retailers, it paves the way for the widespread acceptance of other cryptocurrencies and tokens in digital commerce.The wys Token gives users discounts for viewing products, advertisers access to customers, and retailers new opportunities to increase their sales. It enables data-trading on an individual level. Only the user owns and sells advertisers and retailers access to his or her high quality data profile. With rising data quality, users get the strongest selling and buying position in the market, attracting advertisers and retailers with high quality information, consent and opt-in-only targeting.

For more information about Wysker company access the link whitepaper and Wysker.