Zeex – a platform that is designed to allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency for goods and services

Zeex is the new platform that is designed to allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency for goods and services at all their major shopping stores and brands. For example, with Zeex, you can trade tokens for goods from Sony like the Playstation 4 and games. Or you can use it Amazon to order just about anything you can imagine like groceries, clothing and electronics. Another of the popular stores users are getting products from with the new cryptocurrency is from H&M, the mainstream Swedish founded clothing store. Basically, you can use Zeex to turn crypto into just about anything you can imagine. And to top if off, there are absolutely no fiat costs, and no crypto fees at all.

How Does Zeex Work?

The platform at Zeex is simple shopping system like you would see anywhere else, except the transactions are completed with cryptocurrency instead of fiat. It uses the straightforward token model. And it’s because of the token and the platform that you can enjoy completely anonymous shopping with the token. Another benefit of using the token is it gives you the ability to enjoy the access level of a standard credit card with the incredibly private aspects of a crypto coin. The platform also uses products that are all discounted. And another bonus is that when you purchase items with the ZIX tokens, you can get gift cards that are less than the price stated on the card. The platform is unique as it has 0% fees and you an stop losing money when you convert cryptocurrency to fiat. Another great bonus of the platform is that it’s extremely simple and you can pretty much sum it up in three simple to follow steps that are just taps on a smart device or mobile phone, with the ability to make transactions happen instantly. With Zeex your cryptocurrency is accepted at some of the biggest stores in the world. Stores like Amazon, where you can get access to nearly any product accept the tokens. As does the popular sports and clothing store/shoe store – Footlocker. And if you like music, then you can even buy tickets to shows from Ticketmaster. Gap also accepts the token, so you can buy some nice clothes to help you stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. The high-end product Cla is also available to use the token with. XBOX, Starbucks and American Eagle Outfitters as well as 350 other major brands will accept the token, so you can use Zeex to buy pretty much anything you can imagine.

The business model

Technological refinement requires a stable economic platform to sustain it. Zeex has carefully crafted a range of revenue streams to create and monetise value for gift card suppliers. These revenue streams are designed to be staggered, with some providing vital cash flow at the initial stages of operation and others maturing as the range of suppliers and the number of users grow.

Providing Working Capital

Working capital is one of the most urgent issues for any gift card supplier, and providing it is the most basic financial service Zeex offers to them. While tapping the cryptocurrency market would open an attractive new source of revenue, entering that market will also require capital to get started. By providing suppliers with working capital, Zeex eases the transition and incentivises their suppliers to take the plunge.

Financial Services

Zeex will engage third party, white labeled services, all of which have been carefully scrutinised and preapproved, to support suppliers financially. As the cryptocurrency market helps suppliers to grow, they may face a number of hurdles, which Zeex can help them to overcome. For example, one profitable service Zeex provides is to exchange suppliers’ cryptocurrency holdings for fiat currency and vice versa.

Source: youtube/Zeex

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