ZPER-decentralized ecosystem for P2P finance


ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide.Verified global P2P lending companies, information providers, and robo-advisors are part of the ZPER Alliance. The Alliance, which allows a variety of participants to freely interact and exchange values, provides a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and lenders.ZPER connects borrowers and lenders regardless of their countries’ currency. Lenders reap higher returns, while borrowers receive loans at lower interest rates.


Most important problems ot the current P2P finance that Atract ZPER ‘ Atraction:

-Dificulties in Selecting P2P Finance Companies:Compared to the financial instituitions under the supervion of the financial authorithies ,P2P finance is regulated more leniently.This is not surprising given the size and social influence if the current P2P finance industry.In addition even though the way that P2P finance utilizes digital alternative data to assign credit ratings is revolutionary compared to the way of existing financial institutions,this metod has not been fully proven due to the limited acces to data necesary to analyze risks.

-Difficulties in Allocating Safe and Efficient Portofolios:Even when P2P finance companies conduct a high level of risks analyses through different ways ,there still exists the possibility of insovency .This problem is universall in all financial sectors,not just in P2P finance.

-Difficulties in Utilizing Data for Innovative Credit Evaluation:In the course of matching loan applications of borrowers to investors ,P2P finance companies deal with.This is because the loans ,which are the basic assests of invesments products,are due to be repaid on a fixed date.Of course,liquidation through injection of funds from new investors is sstill possible before such a due date.

ZPER Solutions

Zper will create an enviroment for stable investment and maximize the effectivneness of global capital distribution by solving problems of the existing P2P finance as folows:

-Designing various Investments Products through a glopal P2P Finance ALLIANCE:zper is an open ecosystem where any P2P finance companies relalted service companies around the world can participate.

-Creating a Transparent and Sound Investment Enviroment based on a Smart Contract:ZPER eliminates the likelihood of disputes in advance hrough the smart contract function ,which provides roles,obligtions,and rights of esch participants and makes an investment contract effective upon its conclusion.Therefore,funds for investment and reimbursement will be made automatically ,and obigations and rights of the parties to a contract will also be modified automatically depending on the contract ferms.

ZPER Token

ZPER token act as a medium to mantain and activate ZPER ecosystem.Ultimately,appreciation of ZPER ecosystem will bring a range of participants and holders of ZPER tokens with compesation accordingly.ZPER is a metod of exchanging values among participants in ZPER ecosystem.That value of ZPRE increases as the number of the participants  in ZPER ecosystem.

Tokens for Pre-Sale & Crowdsale : ZPR

Hardcap: 48.000 ETH
Softcap:5.000 ETH
Token sale: 50 %
Team & Advisors: 17 %
Reserve: 10.7 %
Ecosytem : 22.3%

For more information about Zper company access the link whitepaper and  ZPER .